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The fourth section of Marion's work Prolegomena to Charity is entitled "The Intentionality of Love" and primarily concerns Intentionality and Phenomenology. Influenced by (and dedicated to) the French philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas, Marion explores the human idea of love and its lack of definition: "We live with love as if we knew what it was about. But as soon as we try to define it, or at least approach it with concepts, it draws away from us."[6] He begins by explaining the essence of consciousness and its "lived experiences." Paradoxically, the consciousness concerns itself with objects transcendent and exterior to itself, objects irreducible to consciousness, but can only comprehend its 'interpretation' of the object; the reality of the object arises from consciousness alone. Thus the problem with love is that to love another is to love one's own idea of another, or the "lived experiences" that arise in the consciousness from the "chance cause" of another: "I must, then, name this love my love, since it would not fascinate me as my idol if, first, it did not render to me, like an unseen mirror, the image of myself. Love, loved for itself, inevitably ends as self-love, in the phenomenological figure of self-idolatry."[6] Marion believes intentionality is the solution to this problem, and explores the difference between the I who intentionally sees objects and the me who is intentionally seen by a counter-consciousness, another, whether the me likes it or not. Marion defines another by its invisibility; one can see objects through intentionality, but in the invisibility of the other, one is seen. Marion explains this invisibility using the pupil: "Even for a gaze aiming objectively, the pupil remains a living refutation of objectivity, an irremediable denial of the object; here for the first time, in the very midst of the visible, there is nothing to see, except an invisible and untargetable gaze, for the first time, sees an invisible gaze that sees it."[6] Love, then, when freed from intentionality, is the weight of this other's invisible gaze upon one's own, the cross of one's own gaze and the other's and the "unsubstitutability" of the other. Love is to "render oneself there in an unconditional other gaze must respond to the ecstasy of this particular other exposed in his gaze." Perhaps in allusion to a theological argument, Marion concludes that this type of surrender "requires faith."[6]


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Anyone who has spent time online in China can testify that the Internet community there is easily one of the most dynamic and vibrant on Earth. On any issue, there are passionate debates and opinions across the ideological spectrum. Maoists, Hayekians and Confucians trade barbs with insults and zealotry. Blogs by serious intellectuals attract audiences unimaginable in the West. China's market for ideas is enormous. Last month, the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, went online and personally answered netizens' questions, even some that, by Chinese standards, were rather blunt. (One answer Wen gave on the real estate market prompted a blogger in China to post all the past statements Wen had made on controlling real estate prices -- alongside an index of rising prices.) Topology (from the Greek τόπος, “place”, and λόγος, “study”) is a major area of mathematics concerned with spatial properties that are preserved under continuous deformations of objects, for example, deformations that involve stretching, but no tearing or gluing. It emerged through the development of concepts from geometry and set theory, such as space, dimension, and transformation.

the present
تجربه زیسته - کاسپین ماکان،محمدالدوره، ندا و قانون شباهت قطب های به ظاهرمتضاد* -‎
۱. محمد الدوره را حتما به خاطر دارید.کودک فلسطینی ای که در سال ۲۰۰۰ در منطقه نتساریم نوار غزه ،در حالیکه کنار پدرش پشت سنگی سنگر گرفته بود، توسط سربازان اسرائیلی کشته شد.فیلم طلال ابو رحمان از این رخداد تکاندهنده ، ثبت واقعه ای بود از هزاران فاجعه ثبت نشده یا گم شده.تصاویر ویدئویی، آنچنان در جهان اثرگذار بود که دولت اسرائیل را به موضع گیری مجبور کرد. دولت اسرائیل پس از چندی اعلام کرد:کارشنا...‎

listed on the top business thinkers of the future of the names on the international Thinkers 50 website slow-life ideology.
the abundance in the middle is now time to invest in quality. and...divercity in handmade

- Our economy allows for almost everything. Ylitehostunut economy will no longer sit on the spirit.

- So far the recession has affected, but also has ecological effects, related to the aging and the energy and nature of questions.

Slow Life is a provocation

- Finnish economic policy is pathetic. Here are the officials who only play with the politicians, not bold bets on the line to hear the business side, no.

Often we talk about it, just imagine what the people want to hear.

A good example of this is his view of the importance of ecology or the mantras of Nokia's success story alvariinsa referring to.

- Economic transition should be pönöttämisestä speech and preaching the late rut.

- Turkulaisena wonder, of course, the shipyard industry to look ahead. The yard could see the dreams and experiences and not a builder of industrial property as a new bottle. Vesitietotaidossahan and Finland is the leading country in the world!

Slow-life ideology Alf Rehn review primarily at the level of provocation and the concept.
to slow down the pace

In the bay and the slower the better life opportunities for the design and well-being discussed in Slow Life Conference, which is part of OLO.MUOTO '10 event.

ok i can come to see u. if you want

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the same of the woman

for Schmitt Politics is something higher than economy and intense, as it involves a collective, a lofty idea

don be afraid With Philosophy Football Tickets, you can see all the action as the Philosophers and comedians battle it out to save the reputation of Philosophers as players of the Beautiful Game everywhere

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suvereeni pystyy poliittisesti/konkreettisesti olemaan kansan tahto

Kyseessä on abstrakti lähtökohta siinä merkityksessä, että vihollinen ei ole joku tietty, määrätty ihminen, valtio, ryhmä tai kohde vaan kantilaisittain rationaalisen imaginaation hahmottama suhde maailmaan ylipäänsä. Vihollinen on jotain, jota/mitä 'vastaan' yhtenäinen yhteisö kokee olemassaolonsa integriteetin. Vain vihollinen voi 'synnyttää' kansan/yhteisön/ystävien välisen, kollektiivis-poliittisen identiteetin (ks PS.).

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Miss U

Undying Devotion. has a life of its own.

It is not a crush. It’s a knowing.
A few pieces you found and put them together.

You then spend a great deal of your lifetime experiencing the world as if every part of you was growing into some sort of completion.

Until…unexpectedly you find a piece of your long lost forgotten self. It is just there… Picking it up in a full force magnatism … The world around you ceases to exist …as you put that piece back in its place.

Now.. stronger.. you feel more complete.

That devotion … you have for that one piece…is love.

It is neither wrong nor right, it is without time, rules, or reason.

(I ponder weird shit when the house is quiet)

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Wo Fat - 9 out of 10 stalkers are trying to shake love out of an empty container. 1 out of 100 stalkers are with a devil cult. 1 out of 10000000 shoul

d continue..Emyli Murray - u do kno tht there is junior high stu. on here rite?24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - u do kno tht children's net use shld be montrrd by adlts rite?24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Also yay boobies! I saw a lot of these in junior high.24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - ok whatever im just saying since im in junior high tht just 2 be careful u shouldnt post things like this24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Maybe you should tell your mom and let her monitor your internet access if you are so concerned? That would be the grown up thing to do.24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - she already knows she doesnt care so just drop it its all good24. helmikuuta
jeff B - what do you mean, she doesn't care? does she think you can't get in any trouble on line?24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - what d u mean24. helmikuuta
jeff B - I thought you said your mom doesn't care, what doesn't she care about?24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - she doesnt care about the sites i go on24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - just as long as she sees them to24. helmikuuta
jeff B - well if she has seen this site why has she let you stay on it?24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - cuz she doesnt mind like i said24. helmikuuta
jeff B - oh, well that's ok then, enjoy the porn peddlers when they find you, and you might want to change your contact settings so that any 'creepers' you might talk to don't get your email address. sorry being for harsh but your mom hasn't checked this site that well!24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - yeah its ok24. helmikuuta
jeff B - pffft!24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - ok24. helmikuuta
jeff B - lol24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - haha i hate realationships24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - so complicated24. helmikuuta
jeff B - haha you wish ;) now stop stalking me!24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - lol ok24. helmikuuta
jeff B - creeper!24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - k u can stop talking now24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - i'll take his place. aren't you a little young to be talking about relationships? just wait until you're older and sex gets involved. a little advice! don't take sex too seriously. high school girls like to get all uptight about sex but by the time you're 27 you're going to be having sex constantly and you're going to think it's no big deal at all. so just jump to that, not the having sex all the time part, but the thinking it's no big deal, 'cause it's not, unless you get pregnant, so be sure to get on birth control before you have sex, 'cause you can't trust guys to always have condoms and you can't trust yourself to always want to use condoms, so just preemptively get on birth control even before you lose your virginity. that's really the best thing you can do for yourself and for any boy you sleep with, 'cause let me tell you having a kid is NO FUN. not when you're young anyway. you'll want to go to parties but you can't 'cause no one will watch the kid and you can't get a babysitter 'cause the baby daddy doesn't make enough money, and your friends will be like 'oh no we will always be your friends even after the baby is born' but they're lying. once you have that kid none of your friends will ever want to hang out with you because kids are annoying as shit.

this is the best sex education you will EVER get and i don't know why they don't teach kids this in school.24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - same here and well i guess not a relationship but dating sucks24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Boys are dumb. Don't get too invested in any of them. You won't have a relationship that is worth getting attached to until you're in your mid-20's. Just have fun until then. Otherwise your heart will get broken.

In short: if you're not always happy, dump whoever you're with. Life is way too short to hang around someone who doesn't make you 100% happy! Seriously. Even 5% unhappy is TOO UNHAPPY. And anyone who is willing to break your heart isn't someone you'd want to be with anyway! It took me nearly 23 years to realize that! 23 years of heartbreak!24. helmikuuta
Kyle Wright - Technically, though, this isn't sledding in the buff. Being in the buff is being completely naked. No exceptions.24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - well like if i do break up with him i will totally break his heart and i really dont want to do tht24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - He'll get over it! Don't put someone else's feelings above your own.. and besides, to stay with him just to keep from hurting him is to lie to him. If you don't want to hurt him, obviously you care enough about him to want him to find someone who really likes/loves him, and if you hide your true feelings from him you're only going to keep him from finding that person. It's impossible to make him understand this but he'll realize it later on and respect you for it... course he'll probably insult you and tell all his friends you suck but that is part of being young.24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - yea thts what ive been telling myself over and over but my freinds reccomend i shouldnt do it24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - cuz then our friendship wont be the same and my friends want us to stay togehter24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Everything can be summed up by: life is too short to live by the whims of others. Friends who are true friends will get over it. Friends who suck and aren't really your friends wont. I have no more advice I can give you than that. Being young makes all this a lot harder because most young people cannot control their emotions or act with reason or thoughtfulness. Things get a lot more complicated as you get older but they also get A LOT easier. You have a lot to look forward to. (Just don't get pregnant because then you will have nothing to look forward to.) Good luck!24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - thanx24. helmikuuta
jeff B - @Stuyvesant Parker True!24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - yep24. helmikuuta
jeff B - uh huh!24. helmikuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Emily its not porn...this really happened in Germany, people here are not so prudish like in the have to be here to truely understand the concept. But in the end Germany is sure safer than the USA...go figure
@ SP good advise...I guess you speaking from experience.24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - @Chelle I've made a lot of bad decisions. A lot of them. Tons, really. Way more than most people. I used to be a bad decision machine. If I had a dime for every bad decision I made in my life I would probably have a buttload of dimes, and that's just counting 'bad decisions involving relationships'.24. helmikuuta
Chelle 63 - @ SP...What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger... It takes guts to admit your mistakes so yea you’re looking ahead and I’m sure you will excel :)24. helmikuuta
Chinmoy Mandal - ok.... booking for tickets for Germany now :-)24. helmikuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Mandal ha ha you really should :)24. helmikuuta
Ryan Jones - This is a classic post, comments and all. :) Thanks for the laugh! Emyli, just enjoy it when you can. Boobs are just masses of flesh that happen to turn us on, no biggie. Love and accept em and you'll be a happier boy for it.24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - @Ryan pretty sure Emyli is a girl. or at least I've been telling her not to get pregnant this whole time and she hasn't been fighting me on it.24. helmikuuta
Ryan Jones - @Stuyvesant Parker -- oh interesting.. a girl that can't see boobs?24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - @Ryan and I quote you, "Emyli [...] you'll be a happier boy for it."24. helmikuuta
Ryan Jones - @Stuy -- yeah I thought she was a he... i'm just surprised SHE is not allowed to see boobs... she's a girl.24. helmikuuta
Ryan Jones - Maybe she was just trying to censor this thing for the boys that might be watching?24. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - I think she was just playing at being morally outraged, like, "Why are you posting boobs when Junior High School students are on here? THE NERVE! Oh, by the way, I am a junior high student so I am proof that there are, and I just saw boobs, aren't you concerned?"

And then when I called her the weirdness of it she admitted that her mother doesn't care what she looks at, so it was all kind of... off.24. helmikuuta
Ryan Jones - yeah, i saw that part... she loves the freedom of it and she knows it. And like Chelle 63 said, it's a lesson in the simple-minded, prudish US mindset. :) Or at least, that's a nice way to think of it, for me.24. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - yes im a girl26. helmikuuta
jeff B - did you break up with him yet Emyli?26. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Thank you for bumping this post jeff, I do love me some titties.26. helmikuuta
Ryan Jones - no bumping this during my work hours!26. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - I could use a little titty bumping right about now...26. helmikuuta
jeff B - this one could run and run.....surprise.....titties!26. helmikuuta
jeff B - Oh I looked up crystal meth and we don't have it in the uk, speed is just regular amphetamines here26. helmikuuta
Chelle 63 - Thats a good thing then that there's no meth in the UK...really bad shit it is!!26. helmikuuta
jeff B - We have got crack here, thats starting to be a big problem in some places. Feel like a bit of a chump admiting to doing meth on your other post....ah well, we live and learn lol26. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - FYI there is pretty much no difference between 'amphetamine' or 'methamphetamine'. the 'meth' part just means it is water soluble and thus it hits you quicker. Did a little research right now. So, in the UK... chances are if you did speed there's no way to know if you did methamphetamine or amphetamine (unless you were snorting Adderall), you wouldn't be able to tell. One or the other is not exclusively lacking in the UK. (To be clearer: when entered into the body methamphetamine simply turns into amphetamine, the meth part just makes this happen faster basically.)26. helmikuuta
Chelle 63 - How did this turn into a chemistry lesson I ask :/26. helmikuuta
jeff B - it's pretty unlikley as it was about 10 years ago.26. helmikuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - It's important to be informed! I don't want someone accidentally telling someone else "crystal meth doesn't exist in the UK", 'cause it does... The Germans gave it out to their forces in WWII under the name Pervitin.

And crack is basically compressed cocaine that you can smoke! Drugs are fun! This is a fun fact because there are people who do coke and criticize people who do crack, but there's a method of snorting coke called doing a "hot rail" where you get one end of a glass piece of pipe super hot, and then you snort the coke through that end, and the superheated glass vaporizes the cocaine... and then you're smoking crack! So if you've ever done a hot rail, you're a crackhead!

Titties and drugs!!26. helmikuuta
Chelle 63 - Great weekend boys would agree :)26. helmikuuta
jeff B - @ stuy I did say that we don't really have it over here, excuse the pedantry;)26. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - yeah i did27. helmikuuta
Jeffrey Scott Thomas - I dont mind the picture, however beware of Google... I have heard of Buzz accounts getting banned for some stupid reasons!27. helmikuuta
jeff B - @Emyli How did your friends take it?27. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - ok28. helmikuuta
jeff B - how did the lad take it?28. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - not so well he still really likes me but he forgives me so we're ok28. helmikuuta
jeff B - aww poor kid, you ok?28. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - nope28. helmikuuta
jeff B - why?28. helmikuuta
Emyli Murray - cuz i just feel really bad28. helmikuuta
jeff B - don't feel bad, sounds to me like you did the right thing :)3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - haha nice conversations emyli!!!!!!!!!!! love you3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - thanx ikr!!!!!!lol love u 23. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol did you get some good advice?3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - haha yea but.........nvm3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - are you dissing uncle stuy? lol.3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - no i loved her advice its just tht i dont think i did the rite thing3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol okay than3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - Why, you still in love with the guy? also stuy is a man btw lol.3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - oh ok adn yea kinda3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - you not too sure how you feel?3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - yea3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol whos jeff b?3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - idk3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - REMEMBER EMYLI YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL JK3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - ikr!!!!!!!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - √ i like!3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - funny lol3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - ME 23. maaliskuuta
jeff B - ME 33. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lalalala that picture is nasty3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - it happens in germany3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - lol jeff b3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - cheers hun :)3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - lol3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - lol3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - haha wow3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - k3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - who are you?3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - who are you? lol3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - a gurl3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - well then, that must make me a boy, lmao!3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol how old are you im just curious3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - 75 now leave me alone creeper ;)3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - wow sure whatever lier and im not a creeper:)3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - lol, 32 if you must know. And i know your not a creeper i was just kidding :)3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - srry jeff my friedn amanda is wierd like tht but so am i and how old r u?3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - are a bit of a creeper...lol3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - @ emyli no worries, im guessing you guys are about 13/14? lol3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Jeff...emyil is a creeper too!3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - @ sean i seen them totally trash this guy's post one time, calling him a creeper and that. the poor bastard didn't know what to do lol.3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - THANKS FOR CALLING ME WEIRD EMYLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY APPRICIATE IT3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - lol3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - amanda...stop shouting with all the caps...lol3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - kinda girls...lol3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - creeper lol3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol im sorry for yelling3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol whatever3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - amanda stop creeping on jeff b!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - He is my 74 year old boyfriend!3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - You want a piece of my sweet pensioner ass @sean?3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol i dont like him i like someone else3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - it saggy? That pension sounds nice!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - like Emyli?3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - lmao!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Girls often kick the ones they love...lol3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - shes my bessssttttttttttttt friend3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Exactly...the next step is, well how do i say....licky licky3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - just kidding...have fun girls...dont do anything i wouldnt do...lol3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - @ sean You sick fucker lol3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - jeff ... i will change your diaper in a second, just be patient...lol3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - thats nasty3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - would be even nastier if we had smell-a-buzz...3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - I think its past my curfew/bedtime...lights out at 10:153. maaliskuuta
jeff B - @ sean Just checking your work out, nice stuff! like howard hodgkin meets philip guston!3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - smell-a-buzz ha ha! you don't want that I stink! ;)3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - jeff b - Thanks! why do you smell so bad? :)3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - just opened a can of Piero Manzoni’s Shit! lmao!3. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - So, who needs a lecture... looks like we're having too much fun here...3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - looky here, uncle stu-wee is in the house! you gonna ground me?3. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - I was just taking a nap. Gotta get my beauty rest ya know!!3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - Tart!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - better go back to bed before you fall and break a hip... :)3. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Back in my day we had to hike 6 miles in the snow up hill both ways to have more respect for our elders who were taking all the heat in the kitchen like real men!3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - Shit!!! dont call him stu, he will throw a proper wobbler ;) .....sorry stuy XD3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - how old are you stuy btw?3. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Just turned 25 yesterday.3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - I think i creeped out the creepers...lol3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - @ stuy did you have a good birthday? did you get good prezzies?

@sean think the creepers are sleepers ;)3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol im still here3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - who are you?..... stop stalking me! ......i'm scared! lol3. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - My lady got me a bunch of gag gifts---some toys, cheap magic tricks, etc---eventually I am supposed to get a Nexus One as a combined valentines/birthday present from her. We're splitting the $630 cost on one. I'm not an easy dude to buy presents for, everything I want anymore costs more than $300 and my lady doesn't make a lot of money, so all in all... didn't really get good prezzies, but that's cause I don't really want any. Haha.3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - im not stalking u3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - jeez! @amanda I was only joking (again) and i don't think you're a creeper. I think you are a perfectly lovely gurl :)

@ stuy Nexus 1!!! you jammy bastard!!!..... I did see one or two posts that suggested that you were having a little difficulty in acquiring said nexus 1lol. Also you think you are hard to buy for? I want a drum kit for my birthday lol3. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - u guys r crazy and nice jeff and sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no we werent asleep i was on myspace for awhile then got off to make dinner so yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :D3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - lol :D3. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Jeez what have you guys done to my thread :)3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Chelle - you are the one that posted boobies...lol3. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - And you point being ?? ;)3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Its a wild thread...lol3. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - You think!!3. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - I just took my shirt off! WOOOO!!!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - i just put on really tight underwear! yay! ouch...3. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - now now boys behave...dont you know there's Junior high students on this thread :)3. maaliskuuta
jeff B - LMAO!!!!!3. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Chelle...that begs the question: Why do you have junior high students following your topless threads? lol3. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Emyli why are you following me....Sean wants to know :)3. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol im back4. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - lol idk!!!!!!!!! adn hi amanda im back 24. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Children please, you must protect your eyes!4. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - dont have too4. maaliskuuta
Emyli Murray - same here4. maaliskuuta
Bonnie Klein - wow. wtf? lol. that's embarassing.11. maaliskuuta
jeff B - What's embarassing?11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - yeah i know11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Thats not embarrassing, thats white hot in the cold!!!11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - thats nasty11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Amanda...whats nasty?11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - that picture11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Yea what's nasty...Europeans are open to their sexuality...and are not prudes like the US11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - whats a prude?11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Amanda lol...seriously?? oh well just in case you REALLY dont know... maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - im only 1211. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Amanda really only 12 what are you doing on grown up threads then...does your mother know what you look at on the internet??11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - uhmm yeah?11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Ok...just ignore this thread then if it makes you uncomfortable...11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - cant have it both cant make immature comments and expect to be taken seriously and then defend those comments by using your age as a crutch... Whenever i say stupid comments i just admit they were stupid...i dont blame it on my age...11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Sean she's only 12 give her a break dude!! On another note thats why I dont like kids on Buzz then I have to apologise to them...when I shouldnt have to.11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - you dont have to apoligize11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - I know...but its still weird...11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - okay11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Chelle...please dont call me dude... :)11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - haha11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - You are a dude!! whats the problem?? Is it offensive?11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - BTW...not sure what i said that was so scary for a 12 year old... If you read my comment, i said i make stupid comments...i did not say amanda makes stupid comments. Kids like directness they dont like being talked to like babies... :)11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol i liek saying dude11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Amanda...dont you play volleyball???11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - yes and fastpitch and basketball11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Amanda so does my daughter...I think I may have picked it up from her ;|) Dude lol!!11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Bart Simpson says dude a lot!11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - @ Sean I know...she also tried calling me dude one day and I was so mad at her...who calls their mother dude...seriously!!11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Chelle!!! lol ... people here in the states have become so lazy socially they just call each other ( i hate that!!! :)11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - lol11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Im excited that outdoor sand volleyball season is almost here! :) My favorite sport...that and mountain biking!!! :)11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - But i never show my

I am definitely one of those USA prudes!!!11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - my volleyball is already started im on two teams11. maaliskuuta
Stuyvesant Parker - Hey buddy, we're all friends here, no need to get all riled up, dude...11. maaliskuuta
Sean Hunt - Stuy...ahhh the head agitator has arrived...lol11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Hey dude hows the new toy??11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Baseball??11. maaliskuuta
jeff B - just looked it up, it's softball!11. maaliskuuta
jeff B - What was alice in wonderland like?11. maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Was cool...I think if it was in 3D it would have been better...ofcourse the story went another way...typical Hollywood...but nice enough...I love Johnny Depp11. maaliskuuta
jeff B - You recommend it then, with a beer of course lol. was Matt lucas any good as tweedle dum and tweedle dee, I find him effing hilarious (no swearing kids present!) I used to watch him in this years ago maaliskuuta
Chelle 63 - Oh yea he was I love watching Little Britain...but he had a small part here...Yes I recommend it good movie for the big screen :)11. maaliskuuta
jeff B - sweet!11. maaliskuuta
Amanda Lyyski - kool0.52
Sean Hunt - Hi was vball today?1.00
226 muuta kommenttia
Amanda Lyyski - i didnt have it i have it on saturday n sunday1.07
Emyli Murray - kool2.07
jeff B - lol2.15

torstai 11. maaliskuuta 2010

- will take scholars centuries to fully comprehend the messages you are sending me...

why do my acid washed jeans look like a replica of the shroud of Turin?
Janaya Roberson - Why do you have acid-washed jeans? Let the 80s die in peace10:10 pm
Eric von Foerster - 80's Sean can't let them go?10:11 pm
riaListic prose - @Janaya Roberson LMAO10:11 pm
Dirk Talamasca - Probably because the Shroud of Turin was made pretty much the same way by some hoaxster.10:13 pm
Sean Hunt - Dirk...or a huckster. lol10:18 pm
Henry Dubb - An important thing you got to remember with acid washed jeans is to take the jeans off before pouring acid on them.10:19 pm
Eric von Foerster - That's solid advice.10:19 pm
Sean Hunt - Janaya...jesus would have approved of your message.10:21 pm
Sean Hunt - Eric...I went to an 80's dance party recently and hated it! just say no to 80's music... :)10:24 pm
Sean Hunt - urine an acid? I just thought of something that happened the other day with my pants on...10:26 pm
R S - urine is acid, just be carefull not be to much acid..Edit10:32 pm
Noelle Clearwater - pm
Wo Fat - Bobby McGee like Bob Dole never had acid washed jeans. Feeling good was good enough for them. Bob Dole did need the dirty red bandana harpoon for his war wound recovery unlike McGee who was just another druggie drifter. McGee's gender is variable according to who is doing the singing.unlike Dole who could never be mistaken for a woman. At least not by fine tuned Democratic Gaydar. Among Republicans Dole in Drag could easily be passed off as a woman.11:06 pm
Brian Johnson - Sean, keep the 80s alive! And you're wrong, 80's music is wicked mint!11:10 pm
Cassius Wright - agreed! 80's music is dope shit!11:15 pm
Bruce Stewart - I am not going to spend even one more second contemplating the image I got when I read this: the face of Jesus on your butt, and a Virgin Mary in your hand...************when I read this: the face of Jesus on your butt, and a Virgin Mary in your hand...11:16 pm
Wo Fat - Unlike Dole who was truly in need of the heavy high DEA schedule narcotics, McGee's drug use is completely hypocritical given that feeling good was supposed to be all that he needed. What about the dope Bobby? Did you leave it with the trucker or whoever it was that was with you in that truck?11:25 pm
Sean Hunt - Sorry guys...i am a 70's music fan!!! 80's music pales in comparison... :)

Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot for example...11:32 pm
Henry Dubb - Love Croce11:35 pm
Wo Fat - We'll get to Croce and Lightfoot after I finish the full implications of what went on with McGee and Dole. McGee's gender is variable according to who is doing the singing but the singer has to reveal their sexual preference if they are a known figure. Janis says she let him slip away, Kris says she slipped away so we know this is a heterosexual affair. Facts suggest Janis is less than honest here due to her well documented lesbian tendencies.
Kristofferson has shown no overt signs of homosexuality and no confessions in the popular literature. Dole went on to be spokesman for Viagra before the massive Bush medicare reform.11:45 pm
Wo Fat - Time in a bottle, LeRoy Brown, Edmund Fitzgerald and Backdoor Stair creep man are all I can come up with not using the power of internet search.11:49 pm
Janaya Roberson - The only good thing about the 80s was the music. Fashion caused birth defects, blindness, and people to make really poor decisions12:10 am
Wo Fat - What about big glam hair metal? You must recognize the value of such bands as Brittny Fox ....
Was your baby a rule breaker and a love taker? Maybe she was more a heartbreaker
lovetaker dreammaker like Pat Benatar? Benatar's story is very interesting when she discovered her muse it was a big eruption coming out of her small frame. All at once she had it and did not know where it came from, very Zen gal.12:29 am
Sean Hunt - Janaya...what about voodoo economics, the Falklands war, and the Presidency of Reagan?1:21 am
Sean Hunt - will take scholars centuries to fully comprehend the messages you are sending me...1:24 am
Janaya Roberson - AIDS epidemic, Cocaine epidemic, "just say no" Miami Vice, and really bad cartoons with a lot of gay undertones1:24 am
Sean Hunt - Dont forget Chernobyl ... it will blow your minds ... there is a prophecy in the bible that foretold this tragedy, calling it by another name...1:28 am
Sean Hunt - And just for the sake of clarity; contemporary jeans are washed in acid... yo yo yo to do so1:30 am
Sean Hunt - am
Wo Fat - Wo's acid bath house spa resort.4:20 am
Karl Hansen - Because they are holey?5:06 am
Sean Hunt - Karl has won; hands down!!! lol!!!5:15 am
Sean Hunt - YAY KARL!!! WOOHOO!!! He is a master!!! Follow him!!! :-))****

Tero Heiskanen

I recently read a post by Brian Solis titled Social Capital: The Currency of the Social Economy, which served as the catalyst for one of the most entertaining Twitter conversations I’ve had so far. I personally had a problem with the way the term “social capital” was used in the piece, which was inspired by the definition given to it by Tara Hunt in The Whuffie Factor. The reason I had a problem was that “social capital” already exists as a sociological concept that’s been in development for many years, and to now boil it down to an equivalent to “reputation” didn’t seem appropriate. And so I tweeted the sentiment. A lively discussion ensued with all kinds of people chiming in, including Brian Solis and Tara Hunt themselves. (Even Umair Haque from the Harvard Business Review made a cameo appearance. fun!)

Below I’m going to “unpack” Brian’s post a bit, and inject some thoughts that came to mind when reading it. The reason for this is to foster dialogue. We’re in the middle of a transformational age, and in order for us to effectively co-create new models of operating, we need to have a shared language. It’s not about who’s right or wrong – it would be incredibly small-minded to put an individual down. Instead, I want to show that different perspectives on these ideas/terminologies exist, and we should acknowledge and talk about what we’re actually trying to say and where we’re trying to go. It’s important if we want to make progress, so here we go.

The piece starts with:

The convention for creating financial opportunities is evolving and changing the way we seed prospects, promote our expertise and prowess, and connect with those who can help us learn and advance through the facilitation of strategic and mutually beneficial alliances.

translation: There are emerging methods for exploiting connections in order to make money, promote ourselves, and get ahead. ok so far…..

Digital capitalization is laying a foundation for expanding the need to cultivate and participate, not only in the real world, but also in the online networks and communities that can benefit us personally and professionally.

translation: Participation in social networks is required in order to capture potential market value. ok….

In an era of democratized publishing and equalized influence, it can be said that engagement and participation are a new, powerful and effective form of “un” marketing. At the very least, this is an epoch of empathy.

Maybe I’m just being picky here, but we don’t have universal access to the internet (yet), so I disagree with the statement of democratized publishing. And even if there was, for the sake of argument, we don’t have universal “digital literacy,” or understanding of how to effectively use the tools at our disposal, therefore we do not have access to equalized influence. But anyway, up until this point I was following the argument, and understood what he was trying to say. But then:

Social capital is a strong ally, an elite catalyst for lucrative relationships, and now a metric for qualification, consideration and ultimately success (however you define it). This is a state of human economics that is thoroughly discussed in Tara Hunt’s book, The Whuffie Factor. Our “Whuffie” or social capital and intellectual assets are defined by both online and real world conduct and its “balance sheet” is available for anyone with a web browser to review, assess, and analyze.

This is where things started to break down for me. Maybe this whole post is moot, because ultimately we’re talking about two different definitions here, but I want to address the discrepancy. In this paragraph Solis does 2 things that trouble me:

1. he equates social capital with “whuffie”
2. he uses the words “metric” “assets” and “balance sheet”

First point: He references the book The Whuffie Factor as his source for this definition. The author, Tara Hunt, describes whuffie as social capital here, saying you earn it by being “nice, networked, and notable.”

The thing is, to me this sounds like describing reputation, not social capital. I believe the idea of social capital was first proposed by Marx back in 1867, but I’m not even going to pretend to be able to speak to his writings. Socioeconomic theory is not my forte. Instead, I’ll skip ahead to three modern social capital theorists – Coleman, Putnam, and Fukuyama – and their definitions.

James Coleman: a sociological theorist, described social capital in an educational context:

“social capital is the set of resources that inhere in family relations and in community social organization and that are useful for the cognitive or social development of a child or young person” (Coleman 1994: 300)

Robert Putnam: a political scientist at Harvard University, described social capital in terms of civic participation:

“by social capital I mean features of social life – networks, norms, and trust – that enable participants to act ogether ore effectively to pursue shared objectives” (Putnam 1996: 56)

Francis Fukuyama: political economist and author, who links trust, social capital, and national economic success, describes it as:

“shared norms or values that promote social cooperation, instantiated in actual social relationships” (Fukuyama, 27)

I’ll build this out a bit more, but based on these quick definitions, it becomes apparent that social capital and reputation are not equivalent things. Social capital is something embedded within networks, not something directly tied to an individual’s status. Moving on.

Second point: Using those quantitative words (metrics, balance sheet) leads the reader to the conclusion that this is something that we will want to measure. Let’s put aside the term social capital for a moment (since social capital is immeasurable) and look instead at what they’re talking about – reputation.

If we decide that reputation is the new “currency” of the social economy, and decide to attach a number to it, I’m going to suggest that that would undermine the entire premise itself, instead resulting in commodity fetishism. (Neither Solis nor Hunt directly suggests attaching a number to it, but I’m just pointing out that if we talk about this using economic words, people will be led to develop it accordingly.) I’m just trying to think ahead here. What Hunt is trying to promote is a return to human-centric practices in business and leading from underlying human values. (One of the tweets she sent me was a link to this post of hers, which indicates as much) I think that’s what we’re all trying to do – I’m just cautioning that people may abuse this premise if it’s meaning is cloaked in economic metaphor.

Skipping ahead a few paragraphs:

Like any form of capital, Social capital rises and falls with the market and the individual to which it’s governed by the state of the industry and affected by the state of corresponding affairs. As it escalates, however, it unlocks opportunities that are commensurate with the community’s assessment of its value. In the same regard, the community will not support or reward lackluster, opportunistic, also-ran, or hollow engagement in the long term.

Again, social capital is measured by individual value and collective perception.

I have to disagree with this. One of the characteristics of social capital is that it does NOT deplete with usage, and so I don’t connect how it “rises and falls with the market and the individual.” Then the last sentence, “social capital is measured by individual value” is also incongruous, because by definition social capital is not an attribute of individuals but a function of the relationships between agents.

I don’t want to spend any more time dissecting this. My main objective was to caution against equating social capital with reputation, because I think we’d lose a big opportunity. Social capital is a complex, amorphous concept, which to me makes it an entry point for conversation. These are the oft agreed upon characteristics:

- it’s a circular concept: social capital is both a characteristic of a flourishing society and a means of achieving it
- it’s embedded within networks, not individuals: comprised of trust, social norms, value-sharing, common objectives
- it’s not formed from rules and regulations, but from a set of ethical habits and reciprocal moral obligations

In the end, I think reputations are built on the foundations of social capital, but they are not equivalents. Social capital can be thought of as the fabric of society. You could even say that the psychological health of a nation is dependent upon it. That feels pretty important, so I feel an obligation to raise the level of discourse about it. The idea of whuffie points to the bigger picture, to a shift in thinking about how we want to behave as humans in business. As Tara herself pointed out, the message can quickly get misconstrued, the conversation shifts to ROI, and the question becomes “how do we make and leverage whuffie to make more money!!?”

That’s a lost opportunity for actual growth and change.

Talking about social capital is about having some pretty deep philosophical debates about the underpinnings of how we want to operate as a society, and the values we seek to emulate. How do we up the ante, engage in some plain talk, and push this conversation forward?



Further Reading:

What is Social Capital?

Building a Network Theory of Social Capital

Wikipedia: Social Capital

Bowling Alone

Making Democracy Work

keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2010

all members can't be suffering from the same kind of stupid why no

a nation has that, A grimoire (pronounced /ɡrɪmˈwɑr/) is a textbook of magic. Such books typically include instructions on how to create magical objects like laws, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination and also how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons.[1] In many cases the books themselves are also believed to be imbued with magical powers, though in many cultures other sacred texts that are not grimoires, such as the Bible and Qur'an, have also been believed to intrinsically have magical properties; in this manner whilst all books on magic could be thought of as grimoires

tiistai 9. maaliskuuta 2010

)You dont like jokes, do u

βλέποντας γύρω μας τη χρεωκοπία του απομονωμένου/ιδιωτικού ατόμου, βυθισμένου στον ανταγωνισμό, τα κέρδη του και τη μοναξιά του, επιλέγουμε να ζήσουμε και να δημιουργούμε συλλογικά, ως άτομα για τα οποία η συλλογικότητα ή η κοινωνία είναι προέκταση του εαυτού τους.

maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

all political formats reffer to two sets of controls - laws of property and laws of the vessel (laws govening the meaty two legged things)

Islannissa alkoi sunnuntaina keskustelu siitä, miten maassa edetään Icesave-korvausten kanssa. Islantilaiset äänestivät lauantaina kirkkaasti kumoon sopimuksen, jonka mukaan Islanti olisi korvannut Britannialle ja Hollannille islantilaispankin konkurssin aiheuttamat kulut. ανταγονιστες

lauantai 6. maaliskuuta 2010

# Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
# Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
# Unite humanity with a living new language.
# Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
# Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
# Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
# Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
# Balance personal rights with social duties.
# Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
# Be not bad to the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature
Tällä kerralla kaikki todella on toisin. Moni talouden toipumiselle ratkaisevan tärkeä muuttuja on vientivetoista nopeata toipumista vastaan.

Nyt taantumasta
kärsii koko maailma

Tärkein ero viime vuosikymmenten talouskriisien ja tämänkertaisen koitoksen välillä on se, että nyt käynnissä on maailmanlaajuinen taantuma eikä yksittäisen maan, tai edes maanosan koettelemus.
Saksan ja Ranskan pankkien epäsuora tukeminen tullee muodossa tai toisessa eduskunnan päätettäväksi, sillä Suomessa valtion pääoman käytöstä päättää eduskunta. Keskuspankkijärjestelmässä on ilmeinen vika, kun se on sallinut rahapumpun muodostumisen. Olisi järkevää, jos valtioiden lainat kelpaisivat myös tulevaisuudessa keskuspankkipankkirahoituksen vakuudeksi, mutta aiempaa tiukemmin laatukriteerein. Tämä estäisi ongelmamaiden velkaantumista ja rahapumppujen muodostumista.

The smaller European economies are shackled through their membership of the eurozone to an economy that their firms can’t compete against. Moreover, because they participate in the euro, they can’t devalue their own currencies and thereby cheapen their exports.

furry furry quite contrary

Glucagon is an important hormone involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Produced by the pancreas, it is released when blood glucose levels start to fall too low, causing the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose and release it into the bloodstream, raising blood glucose levels and ultimately preventing the development of hypoglycemia. The action of glucagon is thus opposite to that of insulin, which instructs the body's cells to take in glucose from the blood. However, glucagon also stimulates the release of insulin, so that newly-available glucose in the bloodstream can be taken up and used by insulin-dependent tissues.

All power is sacrifice; all power is loss. The powerful struggle to remain in power

nd have one’s way;
Set back the chains of time and recapture destiny.
My hand is my own in this game, and I’d play it like a pure man.
One last hand of cards as the sun rises above a city that’s forgotten;
The sleeper has awakened.
Shimmering scream breaks the silence underneath
The burning echoes of a single death;
Caked slime and no time
Where were you when the sun set over red hills?
White powder lifts and shrouded wanderers emerge;
Cell and membrane, living on the edge of a dismal razor
And we all play the game together because it’s all that’s left.
Feed the lie one last time before it falls apart again.
Red haired woman with green eyes,
Black velvet gown and her hand stretched forward,
Babalon, Ababalonde, Lilitu, Lilith.
Mother of the Lilim, Nephilim,
Who was amongst us even before the Grigori,
Who whispers the unfettered lies of pure honesty.
Redemption? Salvation?
Put those thoughts aside.
We are as we are;
We are not as we once were.
You are, you are not; what does it matter?
Single altar in dim jungles; black light of jaguars echoing past.
Temples around before Christ walked in the slithering smoke
Serpentine transmutation of the soul.
III. Names like the Dead
Ever have I been haunted; long before I saw the Tower,
Tasted the blood on my lips in the poison kiss, I see her again
Fear setting in.
Let go of it all for a moment and it flows backwards and stretches
With the wings of angels across a cascade of memory and pain,
What do you know of me?
Come and be my judge and

To lie with the lie; to fuck death

Die-hard traditionalists have resisted the use of admittedly fictional beings based on
belief-systems revolving around material and external realities. In doing so they miss the entire
point of such magick, and magick itself: magick does not rely on external reality. It relies on the
combination of apparently external sources and the internal responses of the psyche. This
means that magick is subject to personal interpretation and is often filtered through admittedly
fictional lenses of truth...These beings are neither good nor evil. They are natural constructs which are often referred to
as contra-natural... But they are nothing of the sort. They are, when viewed from this lens
more-natural-than-natural. As such they might be referred to as supra-natural beings.

my name Giving the verbal finger to Archangels is, we are told, not usually a good idea. I suppose it depends what your definition of 'good' is

To better understand the meme spend one hour watching the daily news on television. At the
end ask yourself how you feel psychologically, physiologically, and more specifically if you are
now afraid. Memes are being thrown into our neural networks without our consent by those
who know exactly how to program us for what they want.
How does that make you feel? Perhaps its time to make our own memes and declare war?
Or perhaps we simply like seeing puffed-up neophytes becoming fighters
assuming this is a life we can win?

We only know what you appear to be.

“No one knows where the roots of this lie. Some trace its roots to the Orphic
Cults of Ancient Greece, or to the quasi-mythical Indo-European migrating peoples
which would eventually become known as the Celts today. Others link it to Ancient Egypt,
John the Baptist, or Templar conspiracies.”
Whatever its true roots, they are obscured by layers of mysticism and, some might argue, de
liberate misdirection bby apparent adherents...Outside sources seem to indicate that the group, known in its latest form as 'Hedkult', appears
as a syncretic Mystery Cult with distinct nomadological properties within the context of Deleuzian
As an ontological guerrilla group, it can be said to be almost tribal in nature - parallels may be
drawn between it and the Ismali and Sufi mystics which have achieved notoriety within certain
pagan and so-called magical movements.
What little literature is available seems to have its roots within the pulp-horror of Howard Philips
Lovecraft, combined with an undercurrent of cthonic or Typhonian style Hermeticism and
the distinctive hedonism of Burroughs and Siratori.
Within the context of traditional dual categorization that exists within the occult subculture, the
group appears distinctly Left Hand Path....It is the author's opinion that such a distinction may lead to confusion - the ultimate goal of
Hedkult is, at present, unknown to outsiders. While it is true that the apparent praxis involves
destruction of taboos - thusly leading some to label it as a Dionysian movement - its central
premise, to paraphrase: "YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE" seems indicative of an
ideological bias towards liberation from the strictures of society.
In discussion with a purported member, the author was surprised to learn of an almost Gnostic
attitude towards the large-scale status quo - that is, the majority of the world is part of the
hylic, and awakening to one's true nature is paramount.
However, rather than regarding the material and social constructs as evil, this member - who
stated that his view was personal, though shared similarity was apparently common - the
'world' should be embraced.
Quoting Lovecraft's 'Call of Cthulhu', Austin Osman Spare, portions of Carporcratic and
Khylistic doctrine, along with various Continental philosophers, the individual calmly told the
author that totality of liberation is doomed to failure unless the contra-natural is allowed to the
When questioned on the subject, they would only point to the already discovered literature and
'What is it about that pathworking that disturbs you? That's what we're about. That wrongness,
that monstrous nature - in the face of a cold uncaring universe, we're the keepers of the
keys. Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian
of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. It's all about special effects.'
The author wonders if such quotations conceal a greater truth, or perhaps they are simply
signs of a blurring between fiction and reality in the mind of the source.
In a more lucid moment, the source remarked:
'Why are monsters so [expletive deleted] nasty? It's because you can't predict them - they're
outside your knowledge. They might turn up anywhere, and frequently do. Walk trough walls,
ooze through holes. They're the thing that violates everything you know, and could violate everything
you are, and again, frequently do...[...] Nobody likes the gypsies, the nomads. They
have everything, but they're not anchored. Messes up the house-job-mortgage status quo. It's
why suicide bombers are so scary. Anyone can blow up in your face. You just don't know.'
It appears that the group prizes disengagement from conventional modes of thinking and existence,
refusing to engage on terms dictated by the status quo. Their actual purpose seems
veiled behind obligatory mysticism. In conclusion Hedkult appears to be an antinomian group
with emphasis on personal liberation for so called 'magical effect' focusing on primal interaction
with a Numinous Other.”...............“The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old
Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men
shouting and killing and revelling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new
ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a
holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.”
- H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu
[Viral Distribution. Memetic Typeface: Times, Old Roman. Hermetically Inclined Neo-Mystical
Interzone opens its doors to a rush of fetid air; the night hangs aloft as the Mortuus Regnum
stir and bask in the wastes. Crowned beneath the Tree of Death, and within the domains of
the Old Ones, the failed Initiates of Miskatonic now move amongst you. There is no us vs.
them. You are not either with us or against us.
Slithering through the crowned glories of most (un)High, the Night-side basks in the knowledge
of the Other. The Shadow Self, lurking fear of the unknown. We are not as we are. We are
Other............“Illusion is Reality.”
The Illusion, the status quo, programs us from birth. There is no denying this.
However it is merely programming; and often bad programming at that. You are far more than
you thought you were, far more capable of mysterious and amazing things, and in the end you
are even free from the limitations you have placed on yourself. This might seem like a bold
statement. We will not lie, it definitely is. It has to be accepted for the doors of cognition to
open wide and give rise to a new form of I, or of self. Simply intellectually accepting it is not
enough however. Furthermore this new form of “I” is an impossibility in many ways. It is not the
singular form of a new identity, it is the “atmospheric-I” spoken of by Spare, a nontransmutable
shape that defies notions of singular and multiple, that refuses to engage with
what is generally accepted as reality.
This is the Quantum-Self, the (inner) “Eye” within the “I.” It is the Kia of A.O. Spare... That
which can be anything and that which is fluid in motion. From this, which is beyond even the
idea of movement (because it is both stationary and ever-forming), comes the source material
for reprogramming which pits one against the status quo
Accept no limitations and you can be all things, as all things are in you. Or as some put it: “As
above; so below,” and all that paltry twaddle rattled off for far too long.
You are a reality generating machine; your brain and neural network are actively generating the
perception which you will come to define as reality… Subvert that process and you have taken
a step towards subverting reality.
A meme is a piece of information passed from one individual to another. Memes are neither
good, nor bad. They do propagate more fluidly depending on their viral tendencies. Infection of
a rogue meme-virus leads to a feeling (especially in those of latent psychic ability) of being
sick, or that the world inside their mind has been somehow twisted.
This is the fertility stage of the meme.
The next stage of the meme is rapid infection, altering the psyche and allowing it easier access.
This stage might be referred to in especially viral memes as being the obsession stage.
Next is the replication stage in which the meme is then passed on.
We are currently distributing memes, framed in fake coding language, directly to you. Whether
you want them or not, you are either accepting and carrying our memes, or rejecting them and
then allowing your subconscious to give them power. Either way: we win. Thus we are not at
war with anyone. You are meme-carriers, whether you like it or not.

waking up to the fact that it is already here and always has been.

I walked like a beautiful nightmare, making love to your most frightening fantasies. I
found my sustenance in the ashes of your dreams, in the atomic fall-out of your viscious
desires. I became addicted to myself.
I led a great crusade against the devils for the sake of power. I rained my poison from the
darkened skies, I brought the dogs of my mistress into the Houses of the Holy and they
pissed in every corner. The dreamings of forgotten goddesses fell, city after city, I left them
naked in my wake. I fed on my destruction. But even still I dreamed.
I became the fearsome serpent. And when those dreaming goddesses awoke from the
sleep of creation, to the madness of my hungers, those great dragons came for me. In
skies of fire our forms turned against each other. See me, with my red flesh and seven
heads. Feel the pure intimacy of serpents turning, one against the other. And those punchdrunk
wisdoms fell, world after world, I left them empty in my wake. I fed on my
destruction. But even still I dreamed.
```````I was a man. She was a woman. I saw suddenly the perfect beauty in that. The terrible
pain in my legs when she cut me down from that tree was a kind of bliss. The warmth of
her against me as she helped out of that darkness. The way she had stood and quietly
watched as I wrapped my sword in silk and put it away, she had always known I think,
that I would have to put it down. And a sadness was there too perhaps, for as the Poison
left my system so did the Mistress of Nightmare.
It was a quiet time. A sleepy passage. We belonged only to
each other, remembering our faces by tracing the curves in
each others bodies, remembering our voices in the sweetness
of each others breath. We let each other forget the
unrelenting carnage, exchanging it for the annihilation of
the embrace of ones lover...You are all Gods. Gods are but codes in your Blood (Grandfather Paradox). Eat, Drink, Shit and Fuck. Be the
cycles of Time. You cannot know their meanings, you ARE their meanings.

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Belief in the supernatural doesnt reflect a failure in ur imagination. its trustin your Imagination

what is time
The idea of the self-evidence of Evil is not, in our society, very old. It dates, in my opinion, from the end of the 1960s, when the big political movement of the 60s was finished..In truth, our leaders and propagandists know very well that liberal capitalism
is an inegalitarian regime, unjust, and unacceptable for the vast majority of humanity. And they know too that our "democracy" is an illusion: The way Star Trek has articulated cultural values, origin and expansion myths embedded in U.S. is one of the primary sources of the ‘force’On the next day, Easter Monday, the President holds an annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn for children

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Species may indeed be the name of a placeholder for an emergent history

the mystical tradition, is a profound system , based on transformation and evolution . It is a tradition old as time itself, built before the very foundations of mankind, that relies in a backbone of deep magickal arts and the power of energy manipulation.

The mystery of depression is not that it exists — the mind, like the flesh, is prone to malfunction. Instead, the paradox of depression has long been as inescapable as the common cold.

The persistence of this affliction — and the fact that it seemed to be heritable — If depression was a disorder, then evolution had made a tragic mistake, For some unknown reason, the modern human mind is tilted toward sadness
The alternative, of course, is that depression has a secret purpose t might be an unpleasant yet adaptive response

“I’ve never gotten used to treating patients in mental pain

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