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‘God became man in order that man could become God in order to become man.‘

'Se joka ajattelee syvällisesti, tietää, että hän on aina väärässä, riippumatta siitä, miten hän menettelee tai miten hän asioita arvostaa.' (Nietzsche)

jumalalla ei ole mit''n parempaa esitt'' kuin uskonnot?uh?[I]t is kind of ironic to see Žižek shaking his fist, calling for someone to take Jesus seriously, accusing of Milbank of liberalising the gospel.

'Mitä Kantiin tulee, niin agnostismi ei ota tulta näillä herroilla (Zizek-Milbank). Ei sen puoleen minullakaan.

Luonto on terve. Siinä ei ole mitään kieroa. Puhun vihreästä metsästä ja vedestä
A very interesting, if complex, debate at the ICA last night between Slavoj Zizek – atheist, Marxist – and John Milbank – ‘radical orthodox’ theologian. Both are clearly fearsome intellects, though doubtless Zizek has the better jokes.
Ajatukset ..ovat ennusteita. Siksi on hyvä niitä tarkkailla ja muuttaa

Zizek sees Job as ‘the first modern critique of ideology.’ In his terrible suffering, his friends gather round him and attempt to defend various ideals. Job, on the other hand, refuses to do this and simply defends the meaninglessness of suffering. Although he didn’t touch on this last night, in The Monstrosity of Christ Zizek writes about how he sees the Job story not as one in which Job is being put to the test. Rather, it is about God being put to the test, and God failing dramatically. What he did touch on, which I don’t think he did in the book, was the passage at the end of Job where God raises his voice and asks ‘Where were you when…‘ – reeling off a whole list of amazing things in nature. Zizek’s interpretation of this is that God is saying, ‘you think you’ve got it tough? Look at all the crap I’ve got to deal with! This universe is impossible to keep going properly! I’m stressed out here!’

‘What dies on the cross is precisely a God who we can directly trust, and the very idea of benevolence. The basic message of Christianity is thus not that we trust in God, but that God comes to trust us.’ yes

Indeed, they were equal in their irritation that so much of philosophy has simply rejected theology as a serious pursuit. I’d agree with this. It’s time for people to stop being so shy of faith – whether arguing about it from a position of agreement or disagreement.

(For decades the faithful and the faithless operated in the United States under a gentlemen's agreement to leave one another alone. Yes, we had our Bryans and our Menckens during the Scopes trial in the 1920s, but after that, belief and disbelief retreated to their respective corners. Then came the religious right and church buses for Reagan, to which Harris and Hitchens and Dawkins and Dennett rightly cried foul. If God is going to be used to prop up Republican policies, it is perfectly legitimate for people with different politics to try to cut the Republican God down to size. And so we find ourselves in the sort of scuffle between believers and unbelievers that hasn't been seen since evolution and the Bible went toe to toe in Dayton, Tenn.

Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment. The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of undetermined period of time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative nature.

Jos perimmäinen ongelmamme on uusliberaalin ajattelun hegemonia, niin eikö meidän tule etsiä sille vaihtoehto – ja antaa sille myös nimi. Uusliberalismi (sen paremmin kuin markkinafundamentalismi) ei ole uusliberaalien itsensä käyttämä nimi ajattelustaan, se on haukkumanimi. Uusliberaalit kutsuvat omaa ajatteluaan liberalismiksi ja kannattamaansa taloudellis-yhteiskunnallista järjestystä liberaalidemokratiaksi.sanoin kalevi suomela


In one movie, aliens made first contact with Earth and were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa's District 9 as the world's nations argued over what to do with them. Patience over the alien situation ran out and control over them was contracted out to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens' welfare. MNU stands to receive tremendous profits if they can make the aliens' advanced weaponry work.

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Deep breath forrest ihmisen, tehtävä on vain tehdä lapsia

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Valtalehdistö ja televisio vaikenevat vakavasti otettavista paranormaaleista ilmiöistä ja tuovat niitä esille lähinnä vain viihteenä. Kuitenkin monet ihmiset kokevat outoja ilmiöitä, jotka ihmetyttävät ja pahimmassa tapauksessa jopa pelottavat heitä. Paranormaalit kokemukset ovat yleisempiä kuin julkisuuden perusteella voisi arvata. Siksi niitä ei tarvitsisi salailla tai pelätä. Tämä asiain tila pitäisi saada myös laajaan julkisuuteen, niin että kokijat uskaltaisivat tuoda kokemuksiaan esiin eivätkä tapaukset jäisi piiloon, vaikkeivät ne kai koskaan ole hyödyttömiä!

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topograffity nasa..

It is generally understood that the inner and outer Van Allen belts result from different processes. The inner belt, consisting mainly of energetic protons, is the product of the decay of albedo neutrons which are themselves the result of cosmic ray collisions in the upper atmosphere. The outer belt consists mainly of electrons. They are injected from the geomagnetic tail following geomagnetic storms, and are subsequently energized though wave-particle interactions. Particles are trapped in the Earth's magnetic field because it is basically a magnetic mirror. Particles gyrate around field lines and also move along field lines. As particles encounter regions of stronger magnetic field where field lines converge, their "longitudinal" velocity is slowed and can be reversed, reflecting the particle. This causes the particle to bounce back and forth between the earth's poles, where the magnetic field increases.

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Mental rather than spoken

i coul d see the city of Venus and somebody there just like me standin on tiptoes tryin to see the earth. there was a message of Amor Ralley, amorally

Good Mornin!

In spite of this, thousands of individuals have come forward to tell their private stories although one suspects that the vast majority have not done so because they have found no sympathetic and understanding li. For the ones who have come forward, their narratives compose an extraordinary body of anecdotal evidence revealing a generally consistent account of life that is on the one hand science fiction-like, and on the other hand original and ingenuous. The distinctiveness of these fantastic stories coupled with nonfiction makes them striking in their verisimilitude.
and In spite of ths, the consistency of detail and of narrative line in narratives, and the extraordinary circumstances in which the stories are fashioned generate a sense of authenticity that cannot be matched either by idiosyncratic imaginative constructions or by professional fiction authors. With n information, generalizations can be made, although partial, that might give us a clearer view into the extraordinary world of sn soci.

Ab insect-like beings are tall and appear to be at the top of a hierarchical structure of authority – they give orders; all others take orders. This d explain..the sort of cruelty &missing feelings
EnergyMandalaIt's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Telepathic communication has been a more or less constant feature of phenomenon, since the beginning investigations.3 l One would expect that in a phenomenon derived from the human psyche, a wide variety of communication styles would be reported which most certainly would entail verbal-aural communication emanating from mouths, being heard through ears, and vice-versa. Sign la reported telepathy for years from all over the world strongly suggests that it is the “normal” mode of communication for humans dur.4 its mental rathes than spoken communication. IF humans were Allowed sic! d communicate with telepathy the human history wd have been very different, but it was what it was for ..a reason. i imagined eatin a cake now can read somethin useful. why
i have to change dear gaad
the orange stars are best to find life by the way

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tis is a pris(e)on

Ei ole lakeja on vain olosuhteita You can't use god to explain the universe because god is harder to explain than the universe. It's like trying to explain arithmetic with calculus. Lear viimein tajuaa, että hänen valtansa on lopullisesti mennyttä perinnön luovutusten mukana. Hän ei voi enää saada, kuten väärin olettaa, samaa kohtelua kuin aiemmin virallisena kuninkaana ja hänen on joko alistuttava juonittelevien ja vallanhimoisten tyttäriensä, Reganin ja Gonerilin (joka 'on parempi soturi kuin miehensä'), tahtoon tai - kuten hän tekee - jäätävä taivasalle - heitteille.
theloveartistnot to be shopping straight from (or in) dreamtime but whatever, i'm a girl (& i love these clothes)

voihan olla että se on myös paikka koti on n mielikuvituksen tuote
Everything is alive. Everything that can be called a 'thing' is alive. A computation. This term may sound callous, but every bit of matter and energy are silently running their computations. This is life. It is a human conceit to attribute to themselves what they cannot see elsewhere. The fundamental principle of this universe is self-organization. Everything is alive and processing. From one state to another, from one level to another. Just because it happens so fast it can't be seen or too slow to fully witness, does not mean that that it is not happening. Life.
tieteellinen ei oo niin todellista.

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allthough we know what is right

how is it we cannot make things right. impossibility in an impossible universe-? just work --Ray Bradbury ..the usual . some strenght or 'god' doesnt want humans to communicate as freely as they could or would like to between them. the communication is not free, as it should be. kaikki jumalat on naimisissa

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tulkinnat tulkitsevat ina vain omaa tulkintaansa

räsänen..Jälkistrukturalismi halusi siirtää kaiken kritiikin kielen tai laajemmin: diskurssin (kielellisten käytänteiden) sisälle, minkä seurauksena se menetti teoriassa kytköksen (sosiaaliseen) todellisuuteen, jota se kuitenkin yhä (ja vieläpä entistä paremmin) katsoi kykenevänsä kritisoimaan, koska ei enää ollut modernin ajattelun totalisoivien metanarratiivien (valistus, edistys, sosialismi, liberaali kristinusko jne.) sisäänrakennetun ontologian/metafysiikan/politiikan kahleisiin sidoksissa. todellis uus..
paras kommunikaatioteoria perustuu retoriikan oppiaineeseen..Puhuminen ja kirjoittaminen on suostuttelua ja tosiasiaväitteiden esittämistä. Miksi tämä ilmeinen tosiasia on niin vaikea hyväksyä? - - Katso peiliin, niin näet sieltä retorikon - erittäin tosikkomaisen sellaisen.

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kaikki jumalat on naimisissa

«Αν ο Θεός ήθελε να μην γράφουμε στους τοίχους, θα έδινε τις 10 εντολές σε τετράδιο», Hiljaisuus ja oleminen ovat kaikkein luonnollisin olotila eläville olennoille aina eläimistä ihmisiin asti. Selvimmin tämän voi havaita, kun tarkkailee eläimiä, jotka ovat luonnostaan olemisen ja rentoutumisen mestareita.

A non-contact force is any force applied to an object by another body that is not in direct contact with it. The most common example of a non-contact force is gravity. A non-contact force is different from a contact force, which is a force applied to a body by another body that is in contact with it. However it is to be noted that the origin of all contact forces can be traced to non-contact forces.

Mua huolestuttaa entistä enemmän se, etten tiedä mistä ruoka tulee lautaselle. Osa pakkausmerkinnöistä on sen verran tarkkoja, että tiedän mistä . nykykookki

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So You do

you, are movin mi feelings all the time and you Want them to be specific. so you speak. the feelings are kind of A language. at the same moment the speaker and the receiver i am moved by u. YOU`? couldnt have made it clearer
whatever is this 'u', is tryin to hide, but cannot do that forever

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