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sprahessu terveisiä uulusta joen rannalta pilven altasprhess

s mini-me!Mies aikoo kävellä Rovaniemeltä Helsinkiin rYlioppilaskalenteri on joka vuosi karvas pettymys: kertakaan siinä ei ollut edes yhtä vähäpukeista ylioppilasta.r Papers: Politics and Theology Today The International journal of political philosophy, Crisis and Critique, announces a call for papers for its fourth issue, which will be devoted to the topic of Politics and Theology Today. Today we are witnessing a religious turn in our societies which the mainstream media and Είπα κι εγώ γιατί δεν με πλησίαζει άντρας,το σπρέι για τα κουνούπια φταίει..intellectuals refer to as religious fundamentalism, which seems to mark the end of the secular era in Europe and elsewhere. But, is this the case? Obviously, the relation between religion and politics as much as the relation between religion and science has always been characterised by immanent tensions and controversies. Does philosophy have anything to say about this? A young philosopher, namely the young Karl Marx wrote that “the criticism of religion is the prerequisite of all criticism.” Thereby he indicated that religion is, and maybe has always been, an object of philosophical analysis and critique as well as it can be or become a platform for political practice. From such a perspective it is difficult to even imagine a philosophical thinking without its relation to religion, be it negative or affirmative of the latter. In different philosophical orientations, from Aristotle to Hegel, religion has even served as a condition for philosophy.lavvvrosv syytti lansimaita kyynisyydesta.......braavo Furthermore one can see that throughout the history of humanity, religion has often played an emancipatory role in riots, upheavals, revolutions, etc. It is enough to think of Thomas Müntzer’s dictum “omnia sunt communia”. The whole tradition of radical philosophers has dealt in length with religion. This tradition persists today, especially in the work of Slavoj Žižek, Alain Badiou and Giorgio Agamben and those who work in close connection to their thought. In this issue, we want to address questions such as (but not limited to): -The relation between religion and theology. -Is it possible to think materialism from the perspective of religion? -Can religion provide us with the basis for a political collective? -The relation between Marxism and religion. Articles should be sent in English. The maximal length is 9000-10.000 words. Submissions should be sent to: editor at The deadline for submission is: November 31st

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

tuntuu että on mahdotonta saada äöäntä kuuluviin kun on kysymys länsimaiden oikeassa olemisesta ja SUHTEesta ITään

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

ollaan kyllä NIIinii natseja

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

ihan KUIn meille ei olisi olemassa peilejä ollenkaa, joku uusi peili niin kuin natsisaksa jotta näkisi

dudivie kirjoitti...

sosmall?no onko ihmisillä kokoeroij

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