perjantai 25. huhtikuuta 2014

*THE INSTITUTE* The Finnish Institute is a London-based private trust. Our mission is to identify emerging issues relevant to contemporary society and to act as a catalyst for positive social change through partnerships. We work with artists, researchers, experts and policy makers in the United Kingdom, Finland and the Republic of Ireland to promote strong networks in the fields of culture and society. We encourage new and unexpected collaborations and support artistic interventions, research, the creative industries, foresight and social innovation in new, socially central areas. The Finnish Institute's Arts & Culture Programme promotes excellence in contemporary art and culture by fostering best practices, creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary and international collaboration and creating contacts between Finnish, British and Irish arts professionals. We support cultural exchange through residencies and expert visits, commissions, exhibitions and seminars. All our projects are produced in collaboration with local partners in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Finland.

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