keskiviikko 9. huhtikuuta 2014

kauneus on moraalin symboliexclusive association between the state and representation, that Silke Trommer and I have called their “umbilical cord”, needs to be cut whats the difference state and representation, what kind on repParticipation is indeed the most fundamental aspect of democracy. My understanding of democracy is based on the possibility of the people to participate as equals in the decisions about the basic conditions of their lives-Νεαρέ να κάτσω διότι με πονάν τα πόδια; -Γιαγιά, εσύ νέα σηκωνόσουν να κάτσουν άλλοι; -Ναι! -Γι αυτό τώρα σε πονάν τα πόδια.

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