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alternatives to strict horizontalism do not have to be state-centric. One way of expressing this has been through the term ‘diagonalism’, sometimes offered as a middle point between horizontalism and verticalism (e.g. Haysom 2014).

social movements have also fallen short of elaborating anything resembling the democratic procedures.magining and constructing transnational institutions that would take into account the best insights of Marxism and anarchism is a task for the future---new forms of transnational non-state representationposit instead that this election has not marked the emergence of Islamophobia as a form of racialized politics; this election has merely made transparent the fact that for the past few centuries the Netherlands has operated within this framework of racialized politics. Citizenship rules and regulations, categories of belonging, media, educational and everyday semantics – all of these structures that organize daily life are thoroughly racialized.lepen käy moscovassa muttaamerikkaliset eivät voi edes salaa tavata venäläisiä joutumatta oikeuteen. eik siinä ole

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spreads doubts everywhere about the existence of society itself,

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There's little doubt that the dominant language presupposes the dominant order. So it can't be adequately contested while the petty, bickering opposition between waged work and joblessness.

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n order for the anarchist principles to have greater relevance for debates on global democracy, two of their common but unnecessary self-limitations need to be overcome: the strict dichotomy between participation and representation, and the relative lack

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