torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014

The ex-#KGB agent will strike back hardJust the ruble takes of. To da moon . #putin #ukraine

Voisko juhlia Sacredness of Crimea referenceitsenäisyyspäivää niin, et olis oikeesti kivaa? all sacredSevodnay ‏@Sevodnay 21 s21 sekuntia sitten Vladimir Putin: "People have tried to destroy Russia in past, but always failed." #Russia #putinspeecharmypolite army#Putin says Western sanctions would have happened sanctions are a stimulus for #Russia to reach goals fasterregardless of Crimea ruble heads south again as #Putin strikes*#Putin CALLS FOR AMNESTY ON CAPITAL RETURNING TO RUSSIA defiant tone in speech.. Sacredness of Crimea reference,kadyrov person...russia was doing well 2013 economy US was going is an amazing statesman. He has developed a new policy for making #Russia an economic megapower based on own resources/competencies.u could hav spokenSeek him here, seek him on the speliluola Never know when kalju appear All await sekuntikello ticking over Hear the roar as they sense Spede

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#Putin Says #Crimea Is #Russia’s ‘Temple Mount,

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