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I just fooled airport control! Shown my passport, he looked at it for a few secs and off we went! See, that easy!!! joku sopimus filmaa@KING5Seattle: RAW VIDEO: @SeattlePD and protesters clash at Pike & Boren. 4:10p Friday 11/28 …” @MistaNickJ Happiness is coming home. finding all my cacti have buds and blooms!! 😍😍😍RAS-I LOVE CANADA ‏@CanadianUkr 39 min39 minuuttia sitten Russia is fighting for its independents so there is no Crimea or Ukraine,or economic crisis in Russia,Russia once agAIn fighting for lifeAcademic assistant librarian. Dog owner. Reader. Listener. Eater.strass

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Antonis Gazakis ‏@gazakas 58 min58 minuuttia sitten
Λευκή γυναίκα εθεάθη με Έλληνα, ρατσιστικά στερεότυπα για τους Έλληνες μετανάστες

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Sputnik ‏@SputnikInt 18 min18 minuuttia sitten
North Korea snubs #UN meeting, accuses Security Council of maintaining 'double standards'

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Fllw @Viken_shrestha ‏@Team_Viken 20 min20 minuuttia sitten
Nanxiang Ancient Town (Shanghai, China) by marcgc #Photography

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spring the bone!! by MomoNaturePhotography #Photography #Animals

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