maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2015

Rouhani says Iraq, Syria and Yemen are examples of crises being stoked through terror. Their problems have persisted because the international community has failed them. The wave of destruction has gone well beyond the Arab world and has reached the gates of Europe and US. The cost, Rouhani says, has been cultural and human destruction. “If we didn’t have the US military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq” and its support for Zionist Israel the terrorists would not have an excuse for the justification of their crimes, Rouhani adds. And Rouhani has now finished speaking.palkkaorjuuden loppustill living in an undisclosed location in Russia while seeking asylum NorthernStorm #ToVictory "@Syria_Rising #SyrianArmyHeroes, near Qweiress Airbase - Siege to be lifted soon #Syria landed at Moscow's Sheremetyevo international airport Moscow airport on August 1 after 39 days in the transit section

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