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yksinkertainen on usei terveellinen, järkevämpi, rauhanomainen. onko kauneus sitte se monimutkainen sattuma.

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A OK I will resurect you, as Josh has alived I say: Let you live! Howg!0.00
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Sattumoisin juuri Etelä-Euroopassa on sivistyksen ja demokratian lisäksi keksitty lukuisia eri tapoja julkisen talouden sekasortoon samoin kuin julkiseen laiminlyöntiin.

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Economic Development Without the State
Posted by Kevin Carson on Aug 19, 2010 in Commentary • 3 comments

American political debate has recently centered on manufacturers that relocate overseas and “abandon” American workers — and the alleged need for government to stop them from doing it. But maybe we need to figure out a way to abandon the corporate employers, instead.

Conventional community economic development policy — and this is equally true of Chambers of Commerce, state industrial development commissions, and World Bank technocrats — starts from the assumption that the path to economic development is colonization: get a giant corporation to set up an outpost in your community and provide a lot of jobs (preferably with government seed money to lure them in).

And the rationale was simple: for a couple of centuries, the propertied classes’ privileged access to big piles of capital and millions of acres of stolen land made them a chokepoint on economic development.

But technological developments in recent years — the desktop/Internet revolution in the information sphere, and the revolution in cheap digitally controlled machine tools in manufacturing — are freeing us from this dependence.

The main material reason for the factory system and the predominance of wage labor was the technological shift a couple hundred years ago from relatively inexpensive, general-purpose artisan tools to expensive machinery. Only the very rich could afford the machinery required for production, and they then hired wage laborers to work it.

The computer revolution, and the revolution in cheap garage-scale machine tools, have reversed this shift. The computer is a cheap, general-purpose artisan tool that has destroyed the quality gap between what a person can produce at work and what they can produce at home, in a whole range of industries: software, recording, and desktop publishing, among them.

And now cheap digital machine tools mean the same thing for manufacturing. Open-source hardware hackers have come up with homebrew versions of CNC routers, cutting tables, milling machines, lathes, 3-D printers, etc., that cost one or two thousand dollars (or less) to build — compared to tens of thousands for commercial, proprietary digital tools, and millions for a factory equipped with old-style mass production machinery.

So a garage “factory” with $10k worth of homebrew machinery can do most of what used to require a million-dollar factory. And with a network of open-source hardware designers, it can design its own products, and produce “lean” style: producing in small batches and switching back and forth between lots of different products as the orders come in, and gearing production to a local/neighborhood market. That means low overhead, no inventory, drastically reduced shipping costs, and no mass-marketing costs.

In a lot of manufactured products, a major portion of price is either brand-name markup or embedded rents on patent and copyright, rather than labor and material cost (Tom Peters crowed, in The Tom Peters Seminar, that 90% of his new Minolta’s price was “intellect”). Competition will strip out that part of price (along with the portion of your work hours that go toward earning money to pay tribute to the owners of artificial property rights).

It helps that relocalizing manufacturing to “a hundred thousand garages” essentially makes proprietary designs unenforceable. The costs of industrial patents are such that they only pay for themselves if you produce in large batches, and enforcement costs are minimized by the fact that a handful of oligopoly firms distribute their products through a handful of corporate retail chains. When thousands of garage factories are producing knockoffs or riffing off of proprietary designs, in small batches at the neighborhood level, the costs of enforcement will destroy the patent regime.

Patents are also the main legal support to planned obsolescence, as well as to the whole model of price-gouging on parts and accessories (e.g. cheap phones and expensive service plans, cheap printers and expensive toners, etc.). With no patent restrictions on competition, there would be no legal barrier to competitors producing generic modular accessories and spare parts for other companies’ platforms. So the competitive pressure would be toward developing products that were compatible with other companies’ stuff and easy to repair by simply replacing one modular component — instead of designing products that only work with your own marked-up accessories, and can’t be fixed without throwing the whole thing away.

And all this renders the conventional strategy for community economic development totally obsolete. A low-capital, low-overhead approach to development is an enormous force multiplier for the community’s own resources. When the capital outlay for building a factory to produce everything you need falls a hundredfold, the propertied classes’ longstanding advantage in access to land and capital is completely nullified — communities can bootstrap local economies, starting with almost nothing, without begging a Daddy Warbucks for help.

So maybe this is the beginning of a shift away from the idea of “jobs,” and back to work as something working people do for ourselves and for exchange with each other.
It was his destiny to destroy achievement. His legacy to elevate losers. He was elected most likely to be the party pooper 8 years running.

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aika viileää aamulla järvellä helteiden al

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capitalism has deeeep waves, star has a limit, but we build a better society. When I create institutions, Gödel's Theorems state that I will never be able to create an institution that accepts all possibilities -- more specifically, I will never be able to create an algebra where it is not possible within the algebra itself to prove whether it's self-consistent. If we are within an institution, there is no algebra which can exist in this institution to prove that this reality is self-consistent.

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Here, lie with me, friend Observe the night sky And conclusions we make If wrong, don't matter For here we are, as friends

I think a solution might be some sort of money or meme system which starts out with currency and ends with a group hug, to paraphrase the idea. It's not a rejection of either side, but instead an inclusion of both, first using Trade as the means of connecting people and their interests, and then have it segue into a "group hug" type of thing. Obviously, this second part is what is lacking in the equation, and what I think would be a topic for discus
this is the first time i stay in the #big room for the night

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a difference between east /west is the keyhole (in sex) i dont think we use it in the east , well ..

huge vast undertaking, but as to me immanent, incipient, inherent I shall apply IPO on nyse so u better be ready with calculators paradigm, which I hope I will accomplish and achieve maturity before the
EPIPHANTASY in 60 days. Emidemufenton Faxinomogorpe - Singularity has set up Strunzwelle. It is not yet regulated the use of world's language virus, which is the word particle "kjur", without "j". As BP contingency plan, they still continue to polute, to spill, to spill over, as in financial sector. Not regulated go wild and deviative then collapse. So I could only go to block Singularity. If I had option to edit or delete or bury I could remain with Singularity.
Since Zikalkis is god he is king in 256 forsates, czar in 8 universtes and god in universed civilization. Zikakis does't interfere, neither in queen's 54 countries nor into other traditional aristocracies. Both shall complement each other. He is only looking for 256 new queens (with their consorts or regents and suit) and for 8 czarin and 1 godess from Indhia. That's all folks.
- Muted
Order. please order! She is head in 54 countries of Comonwelth, and queen in16 UN member states queen is sovereign. About 2 b people. Yes she still pretends to own USA. Zikalkis is assuming ownership of universe as presumptuous god. Zikalkis shall charismatize new nobelators aristocracy to complement existing traditional one. This to speed up of impementation of the solutions for child poverty in...Order. please order! She is head in 54 countries of Comonwelth, and queen in16 UN member states queen is sovereign. About 2 b people. Yes she still pretends to own USA. Zikalkis is assuming ownership of universe as presumptuous god. Zikalkis shall charismatize new nobelators aristocracy to complement existing traditional one. This to speed up of impementation of the solutions for child poverty in UM aleviation. Selfdetermintions and equal rights are the principles thet are enshrined in the charter of un. Solace and reasurance in front of troubled moments, was bringing steadfast presence of the queen, to poor billions and so are our will and determinations as ideals we live up to. She is traditionally legitimate authority, neither reasonble nor charismatical. This is wedge from past that is limiting the executions of the solutions and implementations of ideas. She said: Some attributes of the leaderships are universal. UN is to serve purpose to secure security, prosperity and dignity of our fellow humane beings...NOT SOVREIGNITY, shee takes it. Only Zikalkis shall bring us back our sovereignty, in cash. What a servitude and service, is there any servility, too
Universal Parliament - Buzz - Public - Muted
That is the difference that makes the class. State takes, god gives. Sovereign god? Not sacral not secular? Provident, again? Special god???
Zikalkis considers it as that the state has debts to people, usurping their individual sovereignty. Zikalkis shall return it back to people, in cash.
10 000 $ per year per person on an issue of sovereignty of individuals.
Class make difference. They formed a class. They take word sovereignty as that is state's debt, not peoples, yes but not, sovereignty debt. State owe individuals sovereignty. Social contract has expired.

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