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“If written language is merely a technology for transferring information, then it can and should be replaced by a newer technology that performs the same function more fully and effectively. But it’s up to

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Climate change, ensuring breathtaking plot was revealed - see the pictures!
Editor: August August | 24/11/2009 | 44 letter from a reader

(ANGLIA KATOLLAAN) Climate change has been revealed to be purely fictitious phenomenon, which in reality does not exist. On Tuesday, left the show after a scandal already seriously undermined the entire world scientific community and political leadership.

The whole mess was revealed in the afternoon Finnish time, when many thousands of climate scientists, geophysics expert, geologists, atmospheric scientists and biologists had been recognized for decades with a massive conspiracy. Its sole purpose was to beliefs about the people that the Earth is getting warmer.

"It is unfortunately true. No climate change does not exist. We are all about 12 400 researchers were involved in about 30 years, therefore, that we can always add a one-year fellowships. Reassured each other that fall, that this is the last time, next year we'll stop. But when the time had begun, it became ever more difficult and more difficult ", says conspiracy suurlohikärmes Luther Blissett.

Huge amounts of money

Conspire researchers gathered a number of criminal activities, even thousands of dollars in cash benefits. Luther Blissett points out that the respective merits of the scientific man should be any opportunities, such as the tobacco industry or the service of international oil giants.

"Pikkurahojahan they are able to offer compared to the environmental non-governmental organizations or movements, bottomless coffers," he says.

Detection has attracted researchers from around the world the question of how such a huge conspiracy was able to remain completely secret for so long, but Blissettin the answer is simple.

"It was ensured by an all-out green, and left-wing groups hippienan invisible hand and the endless resources of the South, and of course the media."

Take a position!

Wildest estimates, scientists suspected of being a traitor to be killed, even the secret kommandoryhmän by Greenpeace. Katala began to reveal a tangle of sharp discussion forum where researchers, the authors found out confusing reports of defects, and even methodological errors.

"And what about Tää hockey racket theory you when I had a child punanen Titan bat that read Mike Bossy, rightin bat and finished it if you had a shoulder height of ice skates on her feet so Tää how climate change could reach racket somewhere for hundreds of years. And then they're still Mamut, "criticizes the influence of civil Kalervo Hydrocephalus-Monkey.

Hydrocephalus-Monkey-like writers perceptive remarks caused, ultimately, some bold political decision makers, such as the MEP Eija-Riitta Korhola (check the days of the party). When an increasing foothold in the received view of the fact that the atmosphere in the reduction of pollution is in fact a fucking bad idea, it was a conspiracy by the pressure unbearable point.

The magazine has learned that light bulbs and return to their childhood white Christmas shopping as early as next week.

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that machine has forty the other eightyiPad - enthusiasm and disappointment Topics

Comforting to see that Apple is not merely apparent. Even last spring, everyone knows the market analysts advised Apple that they do a mini-laptop, because everyone else is. I wrote at the time certainty, a memory, I do not believe that Apple is doing anything more to plan for the smaller laptop to a whole new interface.

Apple - iPad - Features - The best device for web, email & photos.

Great to see that they did it - because somebody had to do it. We are again a bit closer to the future, which we have always secretly been waiting for to arrive.

It is telling that Nokia published in the autumn of the device, which is roughly what it seems Apple's mini-laptop would have looked like.

Everything has been said many times. Twitter would have wanted a moment, then tag topics not related to Apple. Let me tell you what I was uppermost in mind.

iPad is a surprising name. After all, iPhonekin surprisingly banal and predictable, but the iPad is so close to the iPod, and a bit annoyed. I remember a time when there was the iMac and eMac, and was suppose speaks Finnish or English as second when he said [iimäk]. Probably [padi] to win. iMac was still called in the early days [iimäkiksi], but nobody will say [iifoun].

Apple - iPad - Watch the video iPad.

Writing looks terrible. Jobs said that the whole upeuden understood only when it must be in their hands, but the pictures it seems that the wrist is constantly on an enormous excitement when the fingers can not rest anywhere. I would have liked to see the display side of the curve in anchored half the keys or anything else filed.

Finnish-language keyboard that does not offer speksin, vaika an iPhone is done. Samikki astutely said:

Apple Seems to have stolen from the Nokia patent of not providing the Finnish keyboard (see tech specs). N97 revisited.

Apple - iPad - Features - The best device for web, email & photos.

What is surprising to that the default background image problem? In general, Apple has excelled in the background image selector, but that is a full-flop and receives the device to display images nonprofessional feikiltä. Well as far from the Apple advertises that the honest guys: you just choose the wallpaper. Awesome.

Apple - iPad - Watch the video iPad.

That may be a constant at the stick. When the land röhnötän here on the couch writing this, the screen stays to himself upright käsieni hosuessa keyboard. iPadillä I were to sit upright arms of the device or to raise my leg and a hook to support the device lonkkiini.

Keyboard Dock

Why can not I use a Bluetooth keyboard? [Update: maybe I can, good.] Why can not I use an iPhone as a modem? I wonder if it is closed to connect an external monitor? Fortunately, the camera is able to transfer images by purchasing additional equipment. Saisipa the same device to work with additional iPhonessakin.

Apple - iPad - Photos and images of iPad

iBooks look great. E-ink screen is a nice read, and understand that experience before you have experienced. But they are slow and cumbersome for a long time, as this is a wonderful and crazy here and now. Fun so far, the interface is very similar to that of the ancient game shelf in our project, I was telling my work diploma. I also thought that the trade could be found around the bend on the back of the shelf.

Finland, the situation is a bit tedious, I fear. Apple is unlikely to be täkäläisten books with its louder than the rush of films and TV series with the (currently Status: Not applicable to Finnish). Apple's devices while they are not usually able to buy content from Apple. And it will take some time or another before the other manufacturers will be as fascinating devices. iPhonekin got a couple of years in peace.

What is missing? Flash-support is not what is a fascinating time. John Gruber recently wrote a nice analysis of the Adobe, Apple, and That's Flash. He believes that Apple do not want that around the Web will remain an important part of one company taking over. The vast majority of Safari crashes resulting logs to flash and not an Apple do not want to ruin their equipment was in a bad technique, which can not access the self-repair. Some are accompanied by a bisneskulmaakin, but it is nearly all but Adobe is good that Apple strongly supports the HTML5 th and javascript, Gruber says.

Camera Akaan not. I understand very well that the iPhone is a web-camera, but the tablet I had been waiting to arrive for almost a. Many may be difficult to replace his laptop over there, where the practice video calls on Skype. Perhaps the problem was experienced the same as the phone: the device must be so onerous that the camera image naturally. People's jaws and nostrils seem dull downwards.

Stylusta not, but I guess no one does a very earnest looking forward to. I have just read the comparison, which found that the iPhone keyboard to write the end much faster than Newton ever have. Let alone Palmilla. Piirustelu seemed to succeed in style finger sides.

Feet is not. That is not to get upright on the table, unless the levy to be acquired separately with a tripod.

Apple - iPad - Watch the video iPad.

Advisory tactile response keyboard is not, but I do not like that waiting for. Similarly, the new revolutionary gestures is just gone, although the photo albums, opening up nipistämällä flick looked good.

Multi-tasking is not. Is by no means elegant, the exchange program may have to scrape the time the home's view, if the exchange program happens to be far away - never mind that the data do not stay in memory, but when it does not.

A renewed notifikaatiojärjestelmästä is not known. iPhone Palm Pre-need kind of global notifikaatioalueen, and the same is true in all reason iPadiakin.

About the revolution in the publishing industry is not. The New York Times, was shown a promising demo, but still do not have precise information on how this will save newspapers.


Then I do not expect any malt, when someone makes the first card game application. Each player sees his own hand iPhonellaan, and a common pelipöytänä works iPad. I see in my mind how the game card industry natisee liitoksissaa.

so intersting the agrar greeks (i was one) are on the streets now...

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Sinulla on , Sinä olet

Back to Hypertext History: Our Online American History Textbook
Postwar America: 1945 - 1960

The Second Red Scare

Period: 1950s

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Senator Joseph McCarthy did not create the national obsession with communist subversion. It had arisen in the late 1930s, years before McCarthy had come to public notice. Angry that they had been barred from the corridors of power for 20 years, conservative Republicans used everything they could to discredit the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. Opponents of the New Deal were not always scrupulously careful to distinguish between liberals and Communists and used anti-communism as a way to attack labor unions and liberal social programs.

In fact, most liberals did not deny the threat of domestic and global communism. Most adopted a staunchly anti-communist stance from the middle 1940s onward. Labor leader Walter Reuther employed stern measures to purge Communists from the CIO in the 1940s. And even the perennial Socialist Party presidential candidate, Norman Thomas, supported efforts to ban Communists from teaching positions on grounds that they had surrendered their right to academic freedom through subservience to Moscow.

The Hatch Act of 1938 made membership into the Communist Party grounds for refusal of federal employment. That same year, the House of Representatives established the House Committee on Un-American Activities to investigate communist and fascist subversion. Two years later, the Smith Act made it a federal offence to advocate the violent overthrow of the government. In 1949, under the Smith Act, eleven top U.S. Communists were sent to prison for up to five years.

Investigations by executive agencies into the loyalty of federal employees began as early as 1941. In 1947, the first general loyalty program was established by executive order. Executive Order 9835, signed in 1947 by President Truman, called for a loyalty investigation of all federal employees. Truman hoped that these investigations would help to rally public opinion behind his Cold War policies, while quieting those on the right who thought that the Democrats were soft on Communism. Of the three million government employees who were investigated, 308 were fired as security risks.

If the president had thought that his investigation would end the call to rid government of subversive influences, he was wrong. Accusations that a former high state department official named Alger Hiss had passed classified documents to Soviet agents fueled fears of subversion.... politics is just another form of residual magic —
belief that somehow things come from nothing;
that things may be given to some without first taking them from others;
that all the tools of man's survival are his by accident
and not by pure and simple inventiveness and work.

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keskustelemaan hän ei rupea, mutta voi kyllä käydä neuvotteluja

"The Haitian people do not get afraid of death," he says. "We are sure that we come back again."

After a person dies, he says, he or she goes underwater for a year and a day, then passes on to the next life.

"We believe that everyone lives 16 times — eight times we live as men, and eight times as women. And the purpose of life is to gather all kinds of experiences," says Beauvoir.

During those 16 lives, a person moves from body to body, country to country, attaining wisdom until he or she merges with God. nerds best sex is playing a central role in helping Haitians cope with their unthinkable tragedy. Outside of Haitian culture, few know what Voodoo is. Elizabeth McAlister, a Voodoo expert at Wesleyan University, says at its core, the philosophy is really pretty simple.

"Voodoo in a nutshell is about the idea that everything material has a spiritual dimension that is more real" than physical reality, she says. "So everything living — but even rocks and the Earth — is considered to have spirit and have a spiritual nature Hermeneutic phenomenology assume that the subjective intuition is a kind of an overarching, universal, transcendental ego, which operates different perspective on a unifying basis for our (hermeneutics, therefore, originally derived from the Kantian philosophy).

Structuralism (Note: caution - for example, Levi-Strauss) - well, at least poststrukturalismi - to assume that anything a subject does not exist, but the structural regularities of thought and logic can be enough to define and encode the open. actus

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ikuisuus onko asento

British scientists have reported an extremely rare event: Gloucestershire area within a bird on the lake majaillut swan couple is divorced. Swans are monogamous birds, who are looking for a new elämäntoverin only widowed freeze.

Daniel Woolley, of Compassion International, is rescued from the Montana Hotel, where he spent 65 hours pinned under rubble. Touching his face is Mondesir Luckson, a bellboy who was also trapped in the ruins and with whom he was able to communicate.

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"Virtual life is not real life and it μαυ never be, but this is the pinnacle of what we can build

^^I grew up in the solitude of Wyoming...flat Wyoming, as in so flat you can see Nebraska from my front yard. It was my family, myself, my pigs and fields full of wheat.there were everywhere stars ann suddenly no stars anymore, but a big black hole and a lot of praying He was an attractor of souls in pain. They were drawn to him. He was confused. He couldn't help them. His soul was in more pain than theirs says god
There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred?
Of What is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only Love.
neurosceptic from the day ai was born this was werem ment to be χασαμε την επικοινονια wetware conscious experience stand in the relationship with what as molecules of H2O to water, with its properties of wetness, coldness, shininess and so on Theres an enemy Its called god and does exist. omg jsut saw the cat tumble down the flight of stairs. lol like rolled in a ball lool what happened to cats always landing on thier feet ??

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Mama was getting some rest and once she hits the couch she has company! So blessed

Economic growth and currency are not studies show that for a long time have added to human happiness. And not just a wage sufficient to work motivation. Still, work goes its course, and the work is for many as the 40-year prison sentence. Expert about the need for humanity in the revolution god is the guy who caused more people to die

than anyone & then people wonder why he doesn't talk to us.
step down (god) and tell the story from the beginning again cause didnt understand it last time
I’ve been to Paris enough times don’t even try to speak my butchered French to waiters. sick of being patronized by them who don’t even inhale the cigarettes properly. I just say “Barbeque fucking Chicken, please.
Trafalgar Square fountains frozen solid. surprising
all the developed countries are north. so they don mind at all to be a little warmer only when millions start to wonder from south northwords

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