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juoksisinko viimeisten kesäistenOlen ehdoton Mummon ja Iineksen kannattaja ja uskon, että jokaisen tulisi tuntea vähintään yksi mummo, joko biologinen tai muu - tosin pitäen samalla mielessään, että puheena olevat Mummo ja Iines eivät kuulu kenellekään muille kuin heidän lapsilleen - M. O:lle sekä I. X:lle - ja molemmat tietysti minulle. Mutta ei muille - kuin ehkä ihan vähän vaan.

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tooclever n westerncold ruinruin without fellingfeelingwillseeruin this pic tohellur idiot israel n u sitten kaikkoan siitä mitä edustat Suunnittelin jo katsokaas hieman etuajassa, mitä tulee tapahtuman, kunhan pääsemme aikanaan Henry Miller-Anais Nin-praktikumissamme käytännön harjoitusjakson aika-ajoihin.
Vi-sa ‏@villysar 8.peitto heilaha kesäkuuta Näytä käännös Ωραίο χαμόγελο να φιλήσω λίγο;και τι κατάλαβα που όλα τα καταλαβαίνω;

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Ενα χαμόγελο μπορει να σου αλλάξει τη διαθεση Ενα βλέμμα μπορεις να σε "φυλακίσει" Ενα ....παντα ενα θα ειναι !!

Tyylilajiksi tunnistin tutun proosaotteen, jossa hieman surrealistinen, kausaliteetin lakeja uhmaava kertojaminä ikäänkuin kiitää leijuen sinänsä realistisessa maailmassa eri paikoista, ihmisistä ja tapahtumista toiseen, yhtaikaisten sattumusten virtaan, joissa hän ei kuitenkaan hajoa kappaleiksi psyykeltään, vaikka itse todellisuus ympärillä vaikuttaisi revenneen lopullisesti palautumattomiin osasiin. Milloin sä tämän kirjoitkaan? 24-vuotiaana. Mitä! - 24-vuotiaana. Käänsin sivulle 168, jossa oli menossa viimeinen eli 279:s mies. Lapsia oli siunaantunut vain 2.

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a realisation that has slowly dawned on me over the last few years. Without really meaning to do so, I have been going around saying and doing things that demean women and casually downplay the importance of issues of gender discrimination all my life. It's a horrible thing to recognise about yourself, gradually or not. I try to be a generous and caring person and I am pretty sensitive, so the idea that I have been ignorantly treating half of the people I know and love in this way makes me feel awful. Given the subject at hand, the irony of pointing out how this makes me feel is something I am aware of, so I won't dwell on it too much, except to say that understanding you are sexist is actually really quite difficult just on a practical level. When I look around, I see the same things I've been doing and saying without thinking about them reflected back at me from every angle, and the fact casual sexism is so prevalent is an amazingly effective masking agent for the concept itself, especially among men. (I'm talking to men, of course. I know that our female readers - by virtue of being women - do not need me to point out that the average male is sexist.) 1 "This isn't as important as something else." "Bloody white knight." "This is political correctness gone mad." Stop trying to change the subject. I don't know exactly when I realised I was sexist, but I can show you how I notice historical examples of it. Yesterday, for example, I saw some friends talking about the "Dastardly" achievement in Red Dead Redemption. Do you remember this one?, which I assume scrapes data from Xbox Live and is therefore probably reporting the developer's original wording, describes it thus: "Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train." So the objective is to locate a woman who cannot defend herself against you, tie her up and then kill her by placing her in the path of a train. You cannot gain the achievement by performing this act on a man. I am not a student of Westerns so I cannot comment on its original context (and I bet a proportion of the game's player base that it would be statistically acceptable to round up to 100% are in the same situation), so it's just a contextless act of violence against women that gamifies something that we dimly remember as being associated with a film genre. I remember that achievement. I remember doing it in the game. This would have been in 2010. The only reaction I remember having to it is thinking it was clever and inventive, drawing on a famous Western trope. I don't remember having any conscious thought that it was troubling. If I did, I obviously suppressed it. The things I probably find most haunting about my sexism though are the sexist things I've written and published. Unlike a lot of my friends and peers, I didn't start in print, where copy can vanish forever quite easily, and I have only worked for Eurogamer, which maintains a pretty complete live archive of content. I'm 30 now and I've worked here since I was 16. So if you go through stuff I've written in that period, you can uncover some things I find shameful and embarrassing, and occasionally they float into my field of vision again. Here's a line from my Grand Theft Auto 4 review, published in 2008, in a paragraph about attention to detail: "Women you date will notice if you dress poorly. They also nag." Can someone please submit that to @everydaysexism? 2 "It's historically accurate." Player agency is a unique aspect of games with significant implications for historical recreation and exploring its role is important. "Stop attacking the developer's creative vision." Creativity should be scrutinised and debated. Or are you OK with all those micro-transactions now? The fact that things like the Red Dead achievement passed unacknowledged as recently as 2010 (apologies if you were shouting about it at the time and I didn't listen - I am sexist, as previously discussed) is a bit disturbing, but it and that snippet of my writing are examples of things that just aren't on a sexist's radar. These days, now I am conscious of my sexist instincts, I see them all the time and I want to discuss them. And this leads me on to the crux of the issue: it's really hard to talk about sexism (in games or otherwise) when a large proportion of your audience hasn't realised it is sexist, whether subtly or profoundly. The discussion my friends were having yesterday was unique in that it was being conducted between people who all generally recognise and act against sexism when they encounter it, so while it was recognisably conducted from behind the thousand-yard stares of sadness I see quite a lot during these conversations, it wasn't heated or intense. Someone pointed out Dastardly was based on a film trope but felt a bit off. Someone suggested thinking about how you'd feel if a game asked you to re-enact something from Schindler's List. Someone wondered aloud whether developers should gamify history. I wondered (though did not jump in - I wrote this piece instead) about the wider issue of creative responsibility, often mentioned around things like the infamous "No Russian" level in Modern Warfare 2. But if I had written something on Eurogamer about realising that the Dastardly achievement was troubling, and then tried to explore that, a silent majority might have found some merit in what I was saying, but I know what the comments would have looked like. 1) This isn't as important as something else. 2) Bloody white knight - you're just trying to impress women. 3) It's historically accurate. 4) Stop attacking the developer's creative vision. 5) Stop trying to censor people. 6) This is political correctness gone mad - what's next? Forcing X to do Y? 7) Bloody social justice warrior. The thing about those comments - this isn't a straw man argument, by the way; go read the comments on my article about gender representation in Assassin's Creed Unity - is that I don't think they come from a place of actual misogyny. I think they are just a byproduct of the kind of casual ignorance I have personally embodied for pretty much all of my sexist life. And when you have an entrenched attitude that you may not fully recognise and you are confronted by arguments that go to the core of that attitude, it's easy to get upset, because it feels like a personal attack. Your natural response is to try to change the subject, attack the speaker or frame the argument differently, rather than engaging with the thing you can't comprehend at the heart of the original point. 3a "Bloody social justice warrior." Yes, I like social justice - and so do you, assuming you're in favour of education, health care, public services, etc. Also, stop trying to change the subject. By the way, one reason I think I have a handle on the mindset behind these comments is that I'm pretty sure I used to write these comments as well. After all, I am sexist. It's also worth remembering that the gaming community is an emotionally charged one - we're defensive because we're used to being vilified by mainstream media, we're loyal to games, characters and developers who have brought us so much pleasure and we, like all humans, fear what we do not immediately understand. I feel as though these aspects of the person who self-identifies as a gamer, as I do, probably act as an accelerant for the deep-seated, unresolved negative attitudes to women that are part of our social heritage, and to say this all plays a part in the tone and intensity of the negative reaction to people who write the sorts of things I'm writing today is an understatement. Speaking of which, why am I writing any of this? I don't just mean because it is only tangentially to do with gaming. We are a gaming community, and the concept of community is built on a foundation of social interaction, so the discussion of social issues should be indivisible from gaming community, even though it doesn't always feel as though it is. Well, I'm writing this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's because among the many comments that didn't make me feel so good when I wrote about this subject last week, there were a few that did. I also received a few emails from readers who agreed and wanted to tell me so, and a few people tweeted their support. So I am writing this because I hope that if I stand up and admit that I am sexist, have always been sexist and will probably always have to rebel against this bit of programming in my head whenever it is triggered, one or two people will realise that they can relate to what I'm saying, and that will give them a bit of courage to try to do something about it as well. 4 Another example of my ignorant casual sexism: over the last decade, I have assembled a crack team almost entirely made up of young white men. They are all excellent professionals and I am very loyal to them, but they will understand the point I'm making. Secondly, I'm writing because I think attitudes are gradually changing and I want to acknowledge that and offer it as encouragement to anyone who wants or needs some encouragement. Clearly my own attitude has changed. That line in the GTA 4 review would be unthinkable to me now. I wouldn't let the Dastardly achievement pass without comment now if I was aware of it. And as Elisa Melendez wrote on Polygon during E3, there are signs that issues of representation are being slowly addressed in games more broadly, which is good. Something I always try to keep in mind - usually when I read tweets like this one from Rust developer Garry Newman or negative comments on good work by .
ly 27, 2014 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article Another State Department Hoax? Paul Craig Roberts I have an email that purports to be from the State Department Press Office. It is dated today, Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 8:45 AM EDT It reads: State Department Press Corps: Sharing with you the attached document with DNI images — evidence of Russia firing into Ukraine. Regards, State Department Press Office There is a 1.1MB file attached with pictures and a few words saying that the pictures indicate Russian firing into Ukraine territory. As one with news and government experience, I am confident that information as important as this purports to be would not be released in this way. For several days reporters have been asking State Department press office spokeswoman Marie Harf for evidence to back her claims that Russian military is attacking Ukrainian forces. Harf has told the reporters that she cannot provide evidence. In other words, Harf’s evidence is like John Kerry’s evidence that he could never provide that Assad had used chemical weapons. Suddenly the evidence appears in an email and is spread via social media. This is not credible. Such evidence if it actually exists would be released in a Washington press conference by top government officials with experts present to explain the meaning of the photos to the journalists and to answer questions. No real journalists, if any are left, are going to believe that such hot information would be released in an email. Moreover, the photos are meaningless to the uninitiated, and there is no way to judge their authenticity. Additionally, it is not credible that such important information would be released at a news dead time–8:45 AM EDT on a Sunday morning when the West Coast is still asleep. What are we to make of this? One explanation is that kids, unaware of the seriousness of the matter, concocted a hoax for fun. Another explanation is that unable to substantiate any of its charges against the Russian government, the State Department decided to use social media to spread disinformation in behalf of its propaganda assault on Russia. It was Geoffrey Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Ukraine who posted the images on Twitter. Pyatt was Victoria Nuland’s partner in orchestrating the coup against the Ukrainian government. As of 5:45PM EDT Sunday, no State Department official of which I am aware has verified that this is a State Department news release. Indeed, email on Sunday morning is such an unprofessional way to release important news that I do not believe even the incompetent Marie Harf could be responsible for releasing information that was valid in this way. The import of the “news release” is to use social media to build the image of a dangerous Russia among an unsophisticated public independently of having to convince reporters. Once this image is created, Washington can use it to build public support for its purposes, such as more military spending or sending US troops to Ukraine. In my opinion, it is reckless for Washington to convince Russia that Washington is going to continue to lie in order to discredit Russia in world opinion and to continue to dismiss out of hand Russia’s protests. Washington is conveying to Russia that Washington has launched a very aggressive propaganda campaign against Russia, a campaign that could easily push the world to war. In my day, if Washington had such information as the email purports to be, Washington would have used the information to defuse the situation. The Russian ambassador would have been called in and asked to explain. The ambassador would understand that he needed to tell the Kremlin to back off or the information would be released in a news conference. Today, with the Obama regime seeking confrontation with Russia, the regime would have released the information in a press conference with all the important bureau chiefs present. For journalists of my vintage, releasing it in an indiscriminate email targeted to social media would have completely discredited the information. The UK Daily Mail took the bait, reproducing the images and reported them as official government releases, but the State Department has made no official statement in behalf of the email, instead passing inquiries off to the US embassy in Ukraine. Russian media have skeptically reported the charges, thus helping to spread the propaganda

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bando γεννήθηκαν ένα βράδυ σε μια πόλη που δεν είχε λιμάνι. Ο Τοσκαλούσα άραξε στην ξηρά. Ο Καίσαρ Εμμανουήλ αναζητεί ακόμη πόλη με λιμάνι.

shadowy wealth manageme... 2014-07-12 二维码字体变大 China-Banking-CBRC BEIJING, July 12 (Xinhua) -- China's banking regulator has ordered the country's banks to set up a firewall between their popular wealth management products and their cornerstone lending to prevent risk. Banks are required to establish a special department to carry out wealth management business separately from loans and other transactions by the end of September, according to a document released by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) this weekend. The CBRC's new regulation of this fast-growing but shadowy part of China's financial system came after it demanded in May that investment by wealth management products be in line with the state's macro and industrial policies and support the real economy. Such wealth management products are considered an important part of China's shadow banking system, a complex and unregulated sector that has emerged and grown significantly in China in the last few years. Under the new regulation, an independent risk control mechanism for wealth management products must be put in place for all banks. Commercial lenders are also required to install firewalls between the wealth management products they design and those sold through their agency or between different products. Banks that fail to set up separate wealth management business departments will be subject to "corresponding prudent regulation measures," the CBRC warned, without giving further details. The low rates of bank deposits have led many savers to invest their money in speculative real estate projects or dubious investments known as wealth management products offered by banks and finance companies promising higher rates of return. Problems such as misleading sales, inadequate information disclosure and banks' failure to separate wealth management funds from their own capital have emerged during the rapid growth of the business, the CBRC document warned. Promotional materials for wealth management products should not contain content about guaranteed payment of interest or repayment of principal, and any products without market analysis or risk control plans will be prohibited. Products involved in complicated financial derivative instruments or with exaggerated interest rates will also be banned. Zhang Xuyang, general manager of China Everbright Bank's asset management department, said the CBRC's regulation is good for nurturing a balanced and effective risk culture among banks and investors. "Banks' wealth management business will be more transparent. This is very important to guard against risks for the healthy and steady growth of the business," Zhang said. Many banks plan to set up separate business departments at the head office level, while establishing a subsidiary company to independently manage wealth management business is also an option. Economists have long worried that unregulated lenders have sold too many off-balance-sheet wealth management products that could default and set off a broader financial crisis. The CBRC document also revealed that by the end of May this year, Chinese banks had sold 50,918 wealth management products with an outstanding book value of 13.97 trillion yuan (about 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars), equivalent to about 27 percent of China's GDP last year. Such products brought Chinese residents more than 450 billion yuan in extra financial income at average weighted returns of 4.13 percent last year, well above the benchmark interest rate of 3 percent for one-year deposits, according to the CBRC. Guo Tianyong, a bank researcher at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said the new regulation could end the "barbarian growth" of wealth management funds. "By setting up an independent department, banks can prevent risks from spreading and serve their clients more professionally

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insomnia mode on. kantili activated...........ΕΤΣΙ,ΛΙΓΟ ΠΟΙΟΤΗΤΑ ΓΑΜΩ ΤΗ ΜΠΑΝΑΓΙΑ...............

papperg" imageanchor="1" >Olen saanut stipendin hyvästä käytöksestä - asia jota en vieläkään ymmärrä.Milloin seurustelu on virallista? Silloin kun Hesestä mukaan otetut ateriat saa laittaa samaan pussiin.Arvo Papper @Plutokraatti · 3. heinäkuuta Juuri nyt luonnon valo on niin pehmeä, että kaikki on lähes harmaan sävyissä. vilttitossut

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Belovedlight @Rakkauspuhe · 3 t @laajakaisa rakkaus, runo ja muikku mainittu 10+10+10+. Elämän makuinen fuusio @aleksiusjrv @Vuohenputki

Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on email 0 171 Kotkassa kokoontuva kuusikymppisten sinkkujen ryhmä tietää, että eron tai leskeksi jäämisen jälkeen yksinäisyys voi olla painajainen tai suuri helpotus. On illan sininen hetki. Kotkalaisen Café Laiturin takassa palaa tuli, kynttilät loistavat ja suurista ikkunoista näkyvät Sapokan venelaiturit. Ollaan keväässä ja kuusikymppisten sinkkujen toisessa tapaamisessa. Kaikki alkoi yhden sinkun ideasta. Hän halusi perustaa ryhmän eronneille ja leskeksi jääneille, keräsi vinkkejä ja teki asiasta kaupunkilehteen pikku jutun. Ensimmäiseen kokoontumiseen tuli jo kymmenkunta sinkkua. NE ONNELLISET PARIT Keskustelu lähtee vilkkaasti liikkeelle, sillä tänään puhutaan yksinäisyydestä. Se on kaikille tuttua. ”Olin tottunut siihen, että perhe oli aina ympärillä. Kun jäin yksin, hiljaisuus kuului niin kovaa, että se kävi korviin”, kertoo Marjo Riitta Metsäranta, jonka avomies joutui muuttamaan Australiaan terveydellisistä syistä. ”Meillä oli hyvä, pitkä avoliitto. Jouduin miettimään, seuraanko häntä vai jäänkö Suomeen, jossa minulla on lapsi ja lapsenlapsi. Valitsin heidät ja Suomen, vaikka yksinolo tuntui pelottavalta.” Metsäranta nukkui kaksi vuotta valot päällä. Kun hän oli ollut kolmen vuoden ajan yksin, hän luuli jo tottuneensa tilanteeseen. Mutta sitten tuli takapakki. ”Päivällä ja illalla oli kaikenlaista touhua, joka vei ajatukset muualle. Mutta ikävä tuli aamuisin, kun kukaan ei laittanut kahvinkeitintä päälle ja viettänyt aamua kanssani.” Ryhmän ainoa mies, Antero Anttila, ei ole vielä keksinyt, mitä hienoa yksin olemisessa voisi olla. ”Kaikki sanovat, että lepäile silloin, kun tyttäret eivät ole luonasi, mutta en kerta kaikkiaan osaa. Olen aina halunnut olla ihmisten kanssa”, kolme vuotta sitten eronnut Anttila miettii. Onnellisen avioliiton jälkeen yksin jääminen on kova paikka, tietää Pirkko Lindström. Hän jäi leskeksi vuonna 2006. ”Mieheni kuoli yllättäen. En kyennyt puhumaan tunteistani kenenkään kanssa. Kun viimein uskalsin mennä ulos, vastaan tuli kolme onnellisen näköistä, hymyilevää pariskuntaa. Se oli minulle liikaa. Menin kotiin ja itkin”, Lindström muistelee. Ensimmäiset viisi viikkoa hän vietti yksin mökillä. Kävi läpi avioliittoaan, itki ja nauroi. Se oli pakko tehdä. ”Se auttoi minua selviytymään.” Alkuaikoina Lindström oli hyvin yksinäinen ja ajatteli, ettei ikinä totu yksinoloon. Nyt hänellä on hymy ja huumori herkässä. ”Olen ainoa lapsi, orpo, lapseton ja leski, mutta elämäni on nyt mukavaa”, Pirkko Lindström nauraa. ERO VOI OLLA MYÖS HELPOTUS Aina yksinäisyys ei satu, vaan raskaan avioliiton jälkeen yksinolo on uuden ja paremman alku. Silloin voi rakentaa itselleen uuden kodin ja samalla uuden elämän. ”Minä nautin yksinäisyydestä. En ole yksinäinen, vaikka olen yksin”, Maija Kärkkäinen sanoo. ”Puoli vuotta eron jälkeen meni niin, että järjestin itselleni paljon menemistä. Se alkoi tuntua rankalta ja pistin sen poikki. Nyt tuntuu hyvältä, että saan itse päättää asioistani, tehdä mitä haluan ja mennä minne haluan”, hän kertoo. Myös Pirjo Salmikivi koki eron suurena helpotuksena. ”Sen jälkeen minulla oli viimeinkin hyvä olla. Minulla oli oma koti, oma rauha ja vapaus olla, eikä mikään tai kukaan uhannut minua”, Pirjo Salmikivi kertoo. Joskus vaikea liitto kestää vuosikymmeniä, sillä eron ottaminen tuntuu liian pelottavalta. Painajaiseksikin muuttuneessa parisuhteessa saattaa olla jotakin turvallista ja paikallaan pitävää. Eräs ryhmän jäsen, pienyrittäjänainen, kertoo, miten hän oli kahdeksan vuoden ajan tiennyt, että hänen aviomiehensä juoksee pakonomaisesti vieraissa. Mies kiisti kaiken ja onnistui uskottelemaan vaimolleen, ettei vaimo ikinä tulisi toimeen ilman aviomiehen rahoja. Nainen pärjää nyt hyvin, vaikka joskus häntä harmittaa, ettei tullut ottaneeksi eroa aikaisemmin. UNELMIA PITÄÄ ELÄMÄSSÄ OLLA Mutta nyt nostetaan maljat: kippis meille kaikille, sinkut tuumaavat. Keskustelu siirtyy yksinäisyydestä tulevaisuuteen. Haaveita ja unelmia pitää elämässä olla, ja moni pohtii, voiko uusi kumppani vielä löytyä. ”En usko, että enää löydän kumppania”, Maija Kärkkäinen epäilee. ”Kumppania ei löydä, ellei etsi”, Pirkko Räsänen vastaa hymyillen. Marjo Riitta Metsäranta ei etsi, mutta haaveilee. ”Haaveilen löytäväni miehen, joka on hyvä ja luotettava, reipas, rehti ja fiksu ja jonka kanssa olisi kiva keskustella. Mutta en ole ketään erityisesti etsinyt. Jos on tullakseen, niin hän tulee vastaan.” ASENTEET MUUTTUVAT IÄN MYÖTÄ Antero Anttilan tytär toi eron jälkeen isälleen deitti-ilmoituksen ja kehotti tätä kokeilemaan onneaan: ”Mietin asiaa ja totesin, että en lähde mitään haeskelemaan. Jos maitokaupassa törmään johonkin mukavaan naiseen, niin se on eri juttu.” Myös asenteet ja vaatimukset ovat kypsässä iässä toiset: ”Nuorempana ajateltiin, että kyllä toisen pystyy kouluttamaan. Enää niin ei ajatella. Arvostan naista, jolla on älyä, persoonallisuutta ja mielipiteitä, mutta ei jyrkkää ehdottomuutta. On hienoa, kun arvostetaan samoja asioita ja nauretaan samoille asioille”, Antero Anttila pohtii. YSTÄVYYS ITÄÄ SINKKURYHMÄSSÄ Ystävyyssuhteet voivat olla parisuhteita pysyvämpiä, ovat sinkut huomanneet. Sirpa Raivelan ystävistä koostuva naisporukka on kokoontunut jo 30 vuoden ajan. Siinä seurassa toisia ymmärretään jo puolesta sanasta. Lapsuudenystävät ovat pysyneet Pirkko Lindströmin elämässä. ”Olemme tunteneet toisemme aina, puutteinemme ja hyvine puolinemme. Hyväksymme toisemme ja pidämme toisistamme. Se on hienoa.” ”Hyvä seura ja ystävät saavat minut aina onnelliseksi. Ensimmäisen yhteisen sinkkuiltamme jälkeen olin koko viikon iloisissa tunnelmissa”, Marjo Riitta Metsäranta kertoo. Sininen hetki on jo aikaa sitten vaihtunut kevättalven yön pimeydeksi, ja sinkut kiittävät toisiaan. On lähdön hetki, tunnelma on hilpeä. Seuraavaa tapaamista jäädään odottamaan. Ystävyys on alkanut itää myös tässä ryhmässä.

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Arvo Papper @Plutokraatti · 2. heinäkuuta Lääkäri soitti ja kertoi tulokset... Samalla hän velvoitti minua kertomaan kaikille, joita olen suosikoinut. Sori kaikki hei. :c VastaaVastattu0 kertaa UudelleentwiittaaUudelleentwiitattu 0 kertaa SuosikkiLisätty suosikkeihin 2 kertaa2 Lisää

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vcontakt Mullon varmasti silmissä vikaa. allo kardia allo aikjuu

jokapaikassa! #iivölplään

Olimme itsekin niin cpnfused
Vatsani pitää kauheaa mouruavaa meteliä, työkaverit katsoivat lopussa vähän ihmetellen. Ei olisi pitänyt nielaista elävää kissanpentua.

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Kuinkas me sitten sikaillaan sisäpiirikauppoja, jos toiminta muutetaan läpinäkyväksi? Nimim. Huolestunut Westendistäan jollottava melodia. Tää on pahin: … "Forget the weather we should always be together"Vaikka tie mulla kylmä ja pitkäkin oisi silloinkin myötätuulet mut luoksesi toisi.Kings Of Leon - Sex on Firealeksis salusjärvi @aleksissalusjrv · 23. kesäkuuta Suomen kesä, @terorizt luistelee. Mä käyn karvalakki päässä kalassa. Meri ei oo sentään enää jäässä, ei tarvi pilkkiä. #sisu #lomatanssiva karhu onneuvos toliitt

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